Dialog Issues, even with complete missions

So, I encountered the bug where Freddie would repeat his line every time I zoned into another zone. All of the main story is complete in TVHM. I started doing Ava’s podcast missions and I flew Sanctuary to Nek, and when I got there, the main story line played when you first go there during the main game, including Liliths lines and she’s “gone” on the moon. I also had a glitch with Gaige repeating her line in the 2nd DLC when zoning into new zones. Something is broken. Anyone else having these issues?

Edit: Also, if you touch Balex on Sanctuary, he plays his line about shoving Gen into a HD and tells you to pick her up. This is happening long after that questline is complete. The lines seem to happen after quitting and re-entering the game each time.

That’s all standard in my game as well. The statue in Ashfall Peaks line repeats, Rhysball when you approach Katagawa Ball or zone into Skywell.

It’s not a bug, it’s a feature.

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Yes, it is a very common and widespread bug, lot of people me included have this for various characters, Freddy repeat is a classic. I had one that is less common “When you are a fingerbiter you die a fingerbiter” every time I enter Anvil :joy:


Yeah, I have that Freddie one on one character because, when I reached that point in the story, I FT’d out to clear room in my inventory before continuing and it broke the script somehow. Annoying as all get out. Way too many spots in the game and DLC where not immediately continuing with the quest breaks something.

Anyone else got Marcus stuck outside of his vendor. It took me a while to figure out how I managed it. i realized it happened when making mule moves on sanctuary as soon as I could get to my bank instead of completing that whole “fixing the ship” scenario. I used to stop after helping Marcus and unlockedthe Crew quarters, cause that’s all I needed to run mule operations.

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Hadn’t even thought about that one. All I know is he’s there on every mule character (boosted level 13 DLC starts, obviously!). I don’t think any of them have done a single actual quest though.

I vaguely remember thinking “oh Marcus is adventurous today he got outside his shop” so that must be what you described :joy:

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