Dialog/VA Audio Level Balance

The audio in this game is one of my favourite things about it and I love that it has 7.1 support and speaker configuration. However, some of the dialog levels are badly skewed. Most of it is good but with the latest op there’s a big discrepency. The Seal’s dialog is often way too faint to make out in combat, which is sad because it’s awesome. Even with music/SE turned to 50% it’s still faint. In contrast, Oscar Mike and Thorn have ear-piercing volume on their Ult callouts to the point there’s slight distortion in Thorn’s.

This obviously isn’t a huge issue but I love the writing and Voice Acting so much I’d just like to see it re-balanced.


Followup and semi-related, maybe it’s just me but the max volume on headset is quite low.

My headset when running the accompanying software for 7.1 surround sound makes everything/most things quieter for some reason. I just kill the software process and enjoy nice and balanced audio levels.
Defeats the point of 7.1 surround sound, but it wasn’t why I bought the headset.
7.1 might be making certain audio quieter for you.

It’s too low, I don’t run 7.1 surround and Wishinbone’s PA voice overs are too quiet relative to the the rest of the audio.

Mine’s better now. Switched to my Razer Kraken 7.1 Chroma. It was a lot better but a lil low at first. After restarting it’s working perfectly. My Logitech 5.1 was extremely low.

Also, I noticed the devs fixed the audio levels in the op. Good job! Haha can hear everything now and I’m amazed how much I missed on first playthroughs.