Dialogue skip after 1st play through would be nice

BL1 didn’t have any big delays in progression due to dialogue (if I remember right). I just finished up my 11th play through, and I would really like it if in BL3, after you complete your 1st play through, that objectives would be made available and completable instantly, as opposed to having to wait through dialogue. I understand and appreciate the added story and immersion that GBX has worked towards in the sequels, so making us wait through the full dialogue in the first PT would be fine. It would prevent people from missing the story as it evolves, but after that, yeesh. I’ve heard it, y’know? Best case IMO would have this only on your 1st play through of your first toon, but even if dialogue was forced only in NVHM (on every character), that would be nice. Thoughts?


It would make gameplay smoother I think.

At least the option to disable dialogue during subsequent playthroughs would be awesome.

Another thing that I still can’t believe we have to do is manually pick up the “special currency” such as eridium from BL2 and Moonstones. These should be an auto pick up like money and ammo.


Dialogue skip would be a great addition. One thing i would love would be the option to choose the narrator in UVHM at least. Tina or Lilith, it could be our choice.


Borderlands 2 wasn’t so bad. I could deal. This game just talks and talks and talks and talks and talks. It just gets annoying after a while. Just listening to them ramble non-sense all playthrough long.

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seriously, why does pickle have so many frickin quests?

Gladstone… damn You Gladstone… shut the hell up and let me progress without having me have to wait tor what seems like hours… I have actually managed to make a sandwich and grab a beer before he finishes his ramble…

All my yes. If it’s something I really hate about TPS it’s the talking. So much talking. During missions, after missions, it’s pretty tiring. In BL2 you could skip the talking by changing areas or reloading the game but here? It just resets the talk and even if you could, you would still have to walk all the way back to where you stopped.
The worst parts imo:
The Prologue: Jack explains and talks about everything. Especially right before you enter the container. Save the Scrooges (Scientists): Completely ridiulicous concept lots of talking with each scientist (but at least not that long, just much of it). Especially the ending. It’s shocking, the first time, maybe the second time but after that it’s just a boring 5 minutes of nothing.
Eye to Eye. After killing Zarpedon. So much doing nothing.
And as mentioned above: Goddammit Gladstone.

I do miss the simplicity of the original Borderlands.

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Or make all difficulties available from the get-go, and just call them “easy”, “medium”, and “hard”


Meeting Gladstone is the only one that takes a noticeable amount of time to me. And you can’t proceed past the door while listening.

edit: That said, I totally agree with allowing more skips or mutes. The best option we have is to mute the dialog volume via the audio control. But that isn’t optimal as it probably mutes your vault hunter too. Also, I’d love to unlock a “start a new character at max level in UVHM” mode or at least a “start a new character at level 50 in UVHM” mode.

[quote=“Matrixneo42, post:10, topic:54226”] Also, I’d love to unlock a “start a new character at max level in UVHM” mode or at least a “start a new character at level 50 in UVHM” mode.

I’ve thought about this before, and wanted it for a long time, but I’ve changed my mind a bit lately, since (at least IMO) TPS has such well-designed skill trees that it is helpful to play through to really get associated with the character’s play styles and builds. I still would probably be ok with this if they implemented it, but I’m not pining for it.

Maybe it’s something you unlock per character then. A reward for having played a given class to max level.

I almost posted that, that this would be a nice option once you maxed out a toon, but didn’t because I figured this was a bigger issue in BL1 than the sequels. But on 2nd thought, I agree, because the backpacks and banks are smaller in the sequels (In BL1, the loot was much more varied and it was easy to fill all those storage slots). My buddies and I also tended to keep one build and gear on each toon in the 1st game, so that’s when I really wanted it.

I’m surprised no one mentioned Grandma Torgue’s side quests…

(from BL2)

I didn’t find the talking that bad as I play as Wilhelm and usually when someone is talking I can’t hear them over what I’m fighting or what’s trying to kill me

Gma tourge side quest was terrible.

In that scenario, it was over the top on purpose, for comedic effect. It made me laugh.


BL2’s Dr Zed, Marcus intros were pretty annoying. Every character, every playthrough. Sometimes I put off walking into their shops til late game, and when I walk in I forget its my first time walking in so I have to suffer through another banal round of unskippable cutscene

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I’d be all in on dialogue-skipping. And, after maxing out one toon and finishing UVHM, we could get a free toon at level 25 (first capstone-mark) with all gearslots filled up with purple gear, ready for TVHM.
Would be a nice gift for goin’ through the “challenge” of UVHM.


Yeah, and skippable cutscenes too. Waiting for the Sentinel to get ready is obscene.
And a buy all ammo button for vending machines.
EDIT: Have to agree with narfkeks: leveling up every single character and going through the totally irrelevant NVHM each time is just tedious.

God yes. I’m SOOOOOO tired of having to do the same story missions a minimum of 3 times each on EVERY. SINGLE. CHARACTER.

I don’t mind it so much on my first character, but by the time I’ve started my 3rd or 4th, just give me THE OPTION (note - choice is good) to start a new character at level 60 on UVHM with all skill points available.