Dialogue Variants: Let's make a list

I noticed in the beta, that some dialogue’s change based on the characters in play, and I thought as a community we can come together and create a list of relevant characters and the levels that they change.

Just off the top of my head

The Algorithm - Phoebe (Pleads with ISIC to not destroy everything)

The Archive - Oscar Mike (Sentry finds his writing in the Archive)

The Saboteur - Reyna (bits of backstory regarding Reynas past deeds)

Voids Edge - Thorn/Montana (bookclub-callouts)

Will definately look out for more^^

The Algorithm - Montana (everyone joins in endlessly to drop hints about the laser shields over the vents)

Toby in void’s edge. Tells wolf he will rebuild him because he has a guilty conciounce when it comes to intelligent machines.

Toby in sabotuer. At every defense point he had dialogue with Nova, who refers to him as her little cutie.