Diamond Amory and Crew Challenge rewards

Not sure if this is known but today I got Scoville as a reward in Diamond Armory. That is Torgue crew challenge reward from Handsome Jackpot DLC. This made me instantly worried.

With how rare Diamond Keys are, I hope Gearbox doesn’t consider this as permanent solution to the problem. We still need a way to reset Crew Challenges.


I wish the damn thing would prioritize these weapons above ■■■■■■ world drops i’ve gotten until now when i open it :pensive:


Not a solution but a minor fix I guess.

I feel like the takedowns need world drops removed from the loot pool and let Wotan drop base game crew challenge rewards?

Possibly make the end boss of the Jackpot to drop embers Purge & Scovil with a very low chance?


been asking this since DLC1 (before that it was only the bekah wich i got low level and never botherd using before)

just add these weapons somewhere other then crew chalenges (or make crew chalenges repeatable)

everybody knows there’s a way around this on PC but that’s not helping our friends on console (and is frowned uppong by GBX… so yeah… the more reason for them to finaly fix this problem)

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I like these ideas. I would also add, make Guardian Takedown useful and add Crew challenge rewards to Scourge with higher chance to drop on True takedown.

Also what garfield1283 said about priority for Crew challenge rewards or dedicated drops in Diamond armory.

But still, just the ability to reset Crew challenges would be ideal solution as that is their original way of obtaining imo.

Diamond armory is just average versions of whatever weapons they are…… WHY? Why can’t this one rare time give you the chance to pick out the best version of a weapon. Why can’t a reward have something of value. It’s horrible enough trying to get a certain weapon that comes in 5 elements and 20 + types in each element. Why can’t the rare Diamond Armory have rare weapons. My loot box has better weapons drop out of it every time…


Agreed… Only item worthwhile was a clairvoyance masher… Rest where just crap items… Every time i get a hotspring grenade (or rather several) wich drop like rain in AR :frowning: