Diamond Collector's Edition missing code?

Hello ,
I just received my collectors edition, I have looked through everything and i didn’t find the season pass and Deluxe Bonus Content so I looked some topic and I saw someone say it was in a separate steel case in the same shipping box with the game,but in France the pack didn’t include the game ,I have looked in the shipping box in case and there was nothing.
Will I receive another package?
(sorry for my English ^^)

Hello, same problem here. I received my collector’s edition, and it didn’t have the game (as advertised) but didn’t include the season pass. Just want to know if it is normal.
(In France too)

Same here.
Others too…

We can’t do anything about this ???

the unboxing videos show the DLC as a card with a code on the back. Looks like it was in the game box.