Diamond loot box edition poor decision

I wanted to elevate this to it’s own thread for potential viewing by GB/2K forum lurkers.

As we’ve seen, those of us who ordered the diamond loot box (at a stiff (but worth it to me) premium) got their shipment notices today, the 12th.
That means that the boxes (and activation codes) won’t be here until at least on the 13th. That’s going to be at a minimum (for us Californians, for example) 18 hours after digital download customers are already playing.

This is a rather poor decision on 2K’s part (the shipper), to engage the customers that have paid the most later than others. Any comments?


So… Pay more = be better?
Doesn’t Pay 2 Win games work like this?

No, the more money is not for buffs, gear, or enhanced gameplay, it’s for all the other junk. I do want 12 Vault Hunter figurines to put on my monitor, I do want a model of Sanctuary 2, and so on.

This is not pay to win at all, simply getting some physical junk to spice up my gaming room.


That was more of a joke.
But Yeah it’s not the greatest move from 2k.

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So… it sounds like you’re upset that you’re getting the game on the release day. You’re upset that because you bought an edition with extra physical goodies you should get the game before it officially releases? I’m asking for clarification.

No, that’s not the concern specifically. We all (effectively) got the game by yesterday through preloading. We of course can’t play until the launch date. I was not suggesting playing early, just playing at the same time.

The concern is that on my PS4 I purchased the digital version and will be able to play that this evening at 9 PM PDT.
For my Xbox I purchased the loot box (to get the physical junk) and I will not be able to play that version for (probably) 18 hours after I’m playing the game on PS4. I’m fortunate that I can do this, but I’m sure there are many buyers who don’t have two systems (or the desire to pay twice) who will be behind the DL player base. Just a frustration causing thing.

My credit card was charged on tuesday, and that would have been the appropriate time to ship, so I’d have the unlock code at the same time as digital download customers.

“Release day” means the first minute of the day, not 18 hours in (with however long it takes to download and install the game on top of that). And, we’ve been told the game won’t SHIP until the 13th - no telling when we’ll actually get it. It’s possible it will be the same day, but frankly I’ll be shocked to get mine before Monday. Tuesday or Wednesday is more likely.

I think it’s just rude of 2K to treat us this way. They should have planned to deliver our purchases well ahead of the release date in case there were any snafus (it isn’t like we could actually play the game before since we need to download from Epic and then wait for the official release time anyway), but, barring that, they should have informed us what to expect. I mean, I’m not one of them, but there are people who took vacation time from their jobs to play BL3 and those people will have wasted at least a day and probably several of them. It just isn’t a good way to treat customers of any kind, never mind hard-core fans that are willing to shell out $250 ($287 with tax) for Borderlands goodies.

At this point a lot of people are feeling angry and disappointed, and that could have so easily been avoided. In a time when gamers are feeling like they are being treated like nothing but marks to fleece as much money from as publishers think they can get away with, well, it just adds to the feeling the companies like 2K really don’t care about us at all.

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I’m in the same situation, and I’ve been trying communications with both Digital River and 2K support, with little success. When I spoke with Digital River, they said that they have instructions to send out on Sept 13, and they don’t have the ability to expedite.

The big miss on this one is that the timing the delivery. The plan is that any physical copies are scheduled start being sent out on Sept 13, not arrive at their delivery location on Sept 13. Which means there is a delay for any customer to receive their copy. Most 3rd party vendors (Amazon, Best Buy, Target, etc.) can coordinate delivery arrival to be the day of. It’s a big miss that any physical copy (much less one that costs $250) isn’t going to be in the hands of the customer at the same time as when the digital versions are.

That’s the caveat of different methods of receiving the game.

-Digital: You can pre-download because it can take hours upon hours for some people. It also means you don’t have a physical copy and all the limitations that brings.

-Shipped Physical: You gotta wait for the distributor to send it out. However, you get a physical copy and that barely take any time at all to download (depending on the system).

-Store Pickup: Takes as long as it takes you to get to the store and get home. Some stores give it out earlier. The Gamestop I’m grabbing my copy from isn’t doing a “Midnight” release. I have to wait for the store to open midday on the 13th then travel halfway across the city back home.

I know that, for me, physical games on my PS4 only take maybe 10 seconds plus any updates. Digital games similar in size to BL3 can take up to 4-6 hours to download for me. That’s why digital peeps often get to pre-download. I don’t see the limitations of different modes of getting the game as a “slap in the face”. I see it as “■■■■ be craycray upon release and everybody is scrambling to handle massive orders the best they can”.

Well, from what I know release day means You can get access to that even at 23:59 which will still be the day it release…

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TBH newer games nowadays getting it physical doesn’t actually save any time on startup unless you live in an area with slow internet. Physical console titles on current gen systems tend to have to install anyway and then download a patch before its playable.

I’m not sure what you expected when you bought a physical copy. Maybe they could have emailed you a digital code to unlock the game digitally? That probably could have been arranged.

Let’s look at the Remasters earlier this year.

I pre-ordered physical disks for those. The retailer (2K store in this case) shipped the disks two days early to insure they would be there on the same day the digital versions became available.
That would have been appropriate, ship the physical things a few days early, since the game is gated by the code use, not by the physical disk being in the slot.

That would have Been Good.

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It’s about time devs went to the next level with this. If i buy a premium product i should at least get the game same time as everyone else. They should definately email a code with digital download included with a 300$ collector edition…(and if you look further down i did post pretty much this exact situation…my retailer EBGames just wouldnt sell my game to me thursday night so i could play at midnight)

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They hook you with the neat trinkets, but screw you on release day. The “physical copy” is just gonna be a code, that we won’t get until at LEAST release day, which means no pre-install, so most likely not actually able to play on release day…
last time i order a CE and not just the basic digital download…
(it really should be an emailed code like everyone else, THEN the box of trinkets can show up kinda whenever really…including the fancy “physical game box” with the cardboard disc in it…)

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My copy hasn’t even been dispatched from Amazon yet, still says the game will arrive tomorrow (doubtful)

Meanwhile my mate who doesn’t have work tomorrow already has his copy, picked up at the local Game that started selling it at 9pm (2 hours ago)

Lesson learnt, book time off work and go to store launches. If it’s not at my house, or at least winging its way when I get home tomorrow, I’m not going to be a happy Bunny.

The thing that really annoys me most, I asked two questions on the sales page about when they’re dispatching the game and instead of answering it, they delete it. Clearly don’t want people thinking of ordering it off Amazon seeing that they haven’t even shipped the darn game yet.

And this day in age when it’s all codes and you can’t launch it till it’s unlocked anyway, shipping on release day is archaic, outdated, and a slap to anyone that shelled out for a CE. It really makes people never want to get a CE with that company again, which is sort of a poor business decision.

Yep. I am pretty salty about it as well. Luckily, my wife just started playing BL2 and I am playing BL3 on her Epic account while she gets caught up.