Diamond Loot Chest - False Advertising STOP SUPPORTING GEARBOX

The Steelbook is packed separately in the cardboard outer shipping box, under the other items usually. The way I found out was to turn the boxes upside down and carefully dump everything out, lol! That also helped because of how snugly everything was packed, it ended up being the easiest way to get everything out. The Steelbook is in a paper outer sleeve, just like most New Release Blu-Rays.

I’m really baffled as to how you didn’t find the Steelbook, as your Download Code for the game (or game disk if you ordered a console version) is inside it! Without the Steelbook, you can’t even install your copy! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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This is all I received:

How else would I be able to PLAY the game and know I don’t have the items, did you think before you typed?

Closest thing to Steelbox:

I emptied everything otherwise I wouldn’t be typing this would I? So if you actually have something useful to add besides stating the obvious, then feel free to stop commenting.

Edit: didn’t properly censor some information on one of the links.

Edit 2: And apologies to Jack for being so rude

Yeah, that doesn’t match up at all to what we’re receiving here in the States. What country are you in? Perhaps your region’s version doesn’t actually come with a Steelbook? :man_shrugging:

The same thing happend to me.
I bought the Super Deluxe edition and i side my steelbook there were 0 codes, yes 0!
Not even the ones for the cosmetics that everyone else received! I’m gutted…
Subitted a ticket a both gearbox and 2k.
Been waiting nearly 24 hours for a reply now.

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In that case GG Gearbox nice scam, definitely abandoning this franchise after this.

And apologies to Jack for being so rude


Same for me, ordered at game UK. Got the loot box containing an empty “paperbook” in the package and not in the loot box but next to it I got a normal game version. I asked at game and in the live chat I got told that my deluxe version is being shipped separately by different carriers… So I very much hope I will get it… Seems to be a bit odd though. No email or anything from game mentioning that, and they even emailed me to say the mask will be shipped separately. It’s PC and I think that’s the difference, there doesn’t seem to be a super deluxe with steel book for pc…?

Does anyone else know something about this?

Definitely very different here in the States, I pre-ordered from Gamestop, and the Steelbook with my Epic Games Download Code for the Super Deluxe Edition was in the box with everything else. It seems strange to ship that separately, but I hope you all receive what you paid for sooner, rather than later.

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Hey, I also only recieved the Standard Edition with my Diamond Loot Box :anguished: I’m happy to know I’m not the only one but… we paid the most out of everyone only to recieve like half of what we paid for. I know it’s just a couple skins but they could’ve at least given us the season pass… I really hope they’ll start dishing out those codes soon, do you guys think they will? Or have we actually been scammed and we’re now stuck with the standard edition?

Edit: I also put in a support ticket to Gearbox…2 days ago! I wish they would give us some kind of update letting us know if it was a mistake or not. But man, we’ve been super scammed out of our money, paying double the amount of the Super Deluxe Edition! And we don’t even have a way to upgrade our game! :persevere:


U.S. here, got my box from GameStop also, but didn’t have a chance to open it until today because I was moving across country.

All I had in the collectors box was a cardboard place holder - no game, no steelbook, nothing but cardboard and crushed dreams of playing tonight. Not really sure what to do about it but submit a ticket.

Game responded to me ^^

We got scammed, currently compiling a huge thread for this.


I’ve received my loot box edition for BL3 from GAME UK. But inside the game box I find a code for the game and the golden weapon pack. How do i get my other stuff like season pass, and other stuff in the super deluxe edition

It should be on a code as far as I’m aware, if it is the SDE version. Though I believe people have speculated it may have been only the base game.

Thanks for the reply.
Not what I was expecting to hear. I thought the collectors edition was meant to come with everything PC or console versions

It is the base game, because mass false advertising! Currently compiling a huge thread for this.

I could be mistaken. This is just something I’ve read as a theory before it was released.

Seems I’m not.

Could you send a link to thread pls

One better. Merging.

Yeah, I got into a live chat with customer support only to be told I got exactly as advertised and that in fact the super deluxe edition was available with the DLE for PC! Which is, by the way, total ■■■■■■■■ since I’d made my order back in MAY. Every other platform got the Super Deluxe edition with their DLE, there wasn’t even an option to choose standard edition! What in the hell is the excuse for PC not getting one? Totally outrageous.

help get traction of this. This is unacceptable https://twitter.com/SirReasoner/status/1173980918287142918

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So I asked at Game AGAIN and now they’re telling me that they don’t sell a pc super deluxe version and never advertised that on their website so I cannot get one.
How is that possible?!
What fan would want a collector’s edition and then not the best game edition?!
Also the worst thing, there is no way to upgrade… While it’s possible to buy the dlc (for a hell of a lot of money) it doesn’t seem possible to get the deluxe content… And I definitely don’t want to spend money on it after purchasing a 220£ Collectors edition…
Does anyone know who to write about this?
Game say they don’t have a pc deluxe edition, they cannot offer one.