Diamond Loot Chest PC from GAME - Will they give us our DLC?

For those who have ordered it, you may have realised we only recieved the standard edition of the game. There were no extras as advertised on the Super Deluxe edition of the game, and seeing there was no option to choose the Super Deluxe edition of the game with the Diamond Loot Chest and that every website under the sun was advertising it with the Super Deluxe edition, we were all heavily under the impression that we would be receiving that version of the game, no? Or will we be written off as not looking at the small print?

Do you think they’ll give out codes for our cosmetics and season pass? It’d be kind of a scam if they didn’t, seeing as we paid the most and double the amount of the SD edition.

I know it’s just a couple cosmetics, but we did pay a lot for it :confounded: Also there’s no way to upgrade our game! So we’re stuck with standard edition ._.