Diamond Loot Chest

Hi all. Quick question though I think I know the answer. The Diamond Loot Chest allows you to enter shift codes for items ingame (at least for PS3/Xbox/PC currently. Will they work for this PS4 iteration as well?

I imagine they will since we can cross save from PS3, and if need be we can enter the codes there and then log in to our PS4 version. However I did want to double check. Can you please let me know?

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These codes should function across the entire console family. PS3 BL2 SHiFT codes can be used on the PS4 version of BL2, and the same with BL:TPS.

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Many thanks!

Just wanted to say thanks for this topic. Was about to post a similar one asking the very question about the loot chest codes, as I have a few I never redeemed. Glad this topic came up before I made mine.

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No problem! Great minds think alike!