Diamond ranks on character score boards

So I’m loving the winter update except for the fact that I can’t get all diamond ranks on Deande. They don’t show as diamond medals on the character stat sheet but the score is still the same if you don’t have a better one to display.


Any word on this issue? Can it be quickly fixed and once fixed will I have to earn diamond ranks again on that character?


What missions are you running that you can’t get diamond on?

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None of the missions I have played so far have given me medals on ISIC’s stat screen

So I have some evidence supporting this! I’ve played through the saboteur maybe 5 times with trixie but it doesn’t look like they recorded. I also played her in the renegade and I’m pretty sure I got a silver, but I can check tomorrow

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I have more with this! I just played heliophage advanced and got diamond! On my entire player career tab it shows my score and that I achieved diamond

But on my Beatrix who I did this with, only the score but not diamond shows up, so my guess is this is Beatrix specific

No it’s at least Phoebe, ISIC, Kleese, and Kid Ultra as well

edit: see the trend?

sorry for the late reply

Ive run the entirety of the algorithm as well as the voids edge with Deande (notice the score for advanced algorithm and normal voids edge are exactly the same as I got new high scores on those runs) and gotten diamond on all of them with her. I used the time to level her up, but it would be nice to see a full diamond page of amazingness on my Deande.