Diamond Room Kind of a Joke?

I’ve had a few chances to get into the Diamond Room lately and honestly, it kind of feels like a joke. They have blue guns/grenades mixed in, it’s almost always very similar guns and grenades. To be more honest the shields are completely pointless in my opinion but that may just be me. They have walls to spare in that room and I think they should add in class mods but with how rare the keys are, EVERYTHING needs to be legendary (except for the very specific purple gear that is good). This is just my opinion of course, but I was wondering if anyone else felt the same way?


Out of the few rooms i opened, i only found 1 good item wich was a clairvoyance masher (better then the one i had even)

Shields and grenades where all trash…

So yeah, it’s pretty much a joke most of the time. A real missed opportunity for players to get their hand on really rare loot

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Thank you!! I’m glad I’m not the only one that thinks this way. I thought for a bit maybe I was being too picky but after 4 rooms and pretty much crap gear I had to ask if anyone else felt the same way.


I think pretty much everybody who is playing end game and used their diamond key regretted it :rofl:

Though the keys are rare so many people probably never even opened it :joy:


From that room I’ve obtained: stinger shield, infernal wish, old god, monarchs, backburners, sand hawks, plaguebearers. I’ve obtained maybe 10 keys so far across both vault cards and it’s been 50/50–half the time I come out with at least one good item and the other half nothing. I had spent hours upon hours farming killavolt for a corrosive monarch, couldn’t get one, then got one from the loot room; same goes for an incendiary sand hawk–killed katagawa jr 100 times with no luck and got one in the room. and although I don’t use the items I did get the globetrotter and web slinger from there as well.

there’s also a way to ensure nearly 100% legendaries in the room, though I haven’t tried it.

I totally see your point and I thought about that too. I agree, for people that haven’t farmed for everything or had the chance to farm then the Diamond Room is an awesome choice. However the rarity of the diamond keys makes it so that by the time you get one, you’re pretty much going to be getting most of the gear you want. Meaning, for me, I spent most of the time on the first VH card trying to get keys and not a single diamond key. During that time I acquired pretty much all the gear I was looking for. So, when I finally got a key on the second VH card, all the gear that spawned in the room was low staus/not needed. With that said I picked up a few items that I know I won’t use but are “rare”. My main point is that playing for hours and hours chest after chest and we finally get a diamond key only to have the room have 50% legendary and 50% purple/blue gear is kind of ridiculous. Also, I whole heartedly think they need to utilize another wall in the room for class mods! No idea why they didn’t do that to begin with…?

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If there weren’t thousands of pieces of gear and if Legendary gear was actually potent (given the game is balanced around Legendaries instead of Epics) then I imagine the room would be a lot more useful.

I think the problem is more the fact that the loot system is Diablo 3 levels of broken. Standard Legendaries are only good for cash (which is basically useless after you get all the SDUs), and most Anoints are either bad or other elements of the gun make it not work for what you want. Most loot is worthless and I personally find that makes the game boring.

If the only thing to do is gear farm the same boss/instance repeatedly until you get that 1/1000 drop then what is the point?

If the point is looting and the loot isn’t special/worth it, why play?

I know there are people who enjoy spending hours mindlessly farming specific things sifting through the drops to find something that they believe makes it worth it, but I just ain’t one of those people.

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I totally get the time spent vs. obtaining keys vs. chance of gear you want. I was only saying when you do spend one it’s not always bad–you can get great stuff. But I certainly wouldn’t go in there thinking maybe I’ll get this item or that item b/c that is a total crap shoot.

I’m hoping as part of the 2 year anniversary they give us 10 keys or have some key event.

The diamond loot room isnt really supposed to be looked on as something where you put effort into getting it and then youre rewarded proportionally, considering vault cards arent generally something you specifically grind out but are more of a bonus thing you level as you play diamond keys are just a random bonus to get occasionally for stuff you were already doing.
The quality of the rewards really comes down to the quality of loot in bl3, adding class mods and aritfacts would be great as well as making it so its not gonna roll like 4 of the same item

You have captured my issues with this game, perfectly.

I got a bunch of good Arms Race drops from the Diamond Room without having touched the mode yet, but yeah I do wish it was better.

Or at least that you could earn keys at a more consistent rate.

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Drink Butt Stallion Milk from the Borderlands Science machine before using a diamond key. Every time I’ve done this, room is 95% legendaries and a few purple uniques. It works.

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That’s not the ONLY thing to do, but when you say “I’d like to do a playthrough with X build”, then you have to go around, farming all that gear, trying to get the right elements, parts, augments, etc. Most dedicated drops are crap, and other key items require a whole new character just to obtain at all, let alone at the right level (Quest/Crew Challenge rewards).
So, much like farming an individual boss, where you spend more time staring at loading screens than you do actually fighting the enemy, you spend more time waiting for the game to fart out certain items than you do getting to actually incorporate them into a build and use them.

I know there are people who can pick up whatever generic blue/purple Jakobs #406819259F the game chewed together and spat out at them, but I just ain’t one of those people. I’ll let it fly on the first playthrough of normal mode, because it’s like one long tutorial, but after that it’s just annoying.

My first diamond key is from the code they gave us for the event going on now XD

I think this will be my 3rd or 4th Diamond key, but I don’t actually expend any when I get them. I just save scum the loot room for crew challenge rewards.

What? How can you save scum the loot room keys?
I haven’t played in a few months so might be a dumb question.

Agree on the rareness, hate all of the grinding just to get one non-diamond item key. And they SHOULD have 2 walls of weapons (all leggies), and 1 of everything else including artifacts and mods.

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Hint: User Settings is different than Player saves…