Diamond Vault not working

I have reset my system several times, tried turning Mayhem off, tried to go into a friends lobby (won’t let me join) and when I go to the diamond vault to extract loot, the walls are empty but yet the game says choose your gear wisely…but there’s no gear nor countdowns or anything. If I go to the console to insert a key there’s a red message that blocks any action. Does anyone have any suggestions? Or should I send gearbox a message?

You probably got a Vault Card key and not a Diamond Key. It can be a bit confusing, because they look very similar. Vault Card keys appear on the Vault Card tab on “My Keys” and they can only be used to unlock the rewards on the tab. Diamond Keys appear next to the Golden Keys in your inventory. If that’s 0 in your inventory, you’re likely got a Vault Card key.