Diamond VIP code(s)?

i tried to look for it on here, but nothing popped up (if there is one, i missed it)

someone had sent me a message via twitter to see if i would snag them a diamond vip code during the museum of mayhem. well, i barely noticed the message 10 days later (sorry bud) and didnt even know it was a thing. on the site it just says “single use codes” worth about 500 points. but is it like at certain events or what?

It only comes in the diamond lootcrate collectors edition. And they are one time use only. Can’t be shared

Ah, that makes sense. Thought there was something you’d get from like events and stuff. Didn’t think about the diamond box. Well, if that’s the case then I don’t think anyone will be sharing them codes :stuck_out_tongue:

I have a Diamond Code from GameCom Cologne and it works only to 08/25/2019
I Can´t set this Code anyway. Please help.-

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Is there any error msg?

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