Dictator Monarch Question

So for the math people, with Zane I am better off using the bipod with the Dictator or Monarch and getting the extra pellets or using them in their base configuration with greater speed. I am maxed in Violent Momentum, Supersonic Man and have the +15% move speed on my shield if that matters in the math.

I only use bipod mode when i’m mobbed in CQC or when I need a 2nd wind and is very close by …

It generally should do more damage when using bipod, as long as you are not sprint jumping or sliding/powersliding
Even then you probably won’t hit the anecdotal cows arse with that banjo.
And to do damage you actually need to hit things, so… Bipod+ads

Math reasoning:
you maybe halve your movementspeed, but movement damages bonuses are not your only damages bonuses, and because you double your damage with both gun’s while on bipod mode, you ultimately gain more damage than you lose.
While walking, that is.


You should absolutely be using the Bipod whenever possible with the Monarch since it doubles your damage.