Did ANY Left hander actually play test this

I have played about 30 minutes of this and I must say I find it hard to believe a left handed play tester ever used a keyboard to play this thing. The keybinding and lack of is horrendous.

Having to press Tab to close ANY window / inventory / map / skills etc, us lefties have that hand on the mouse, and it’s a pain to have to take it off every time, whereas in BL2 the key used to open that particular screen also closed it. I noticed I can use the mouse to hover over and click Tab, but that’s hardly acceptable.

Tab is not rebind-able.

The keypad keys don’t bind correctly either. Sprinting and pressing crouch / slide (numpad 0) becomes Ins (insert) and opens quest log, great immersion /s

Not left handed myself, but I feel for you. Luckily, there are solutions.

Assuming you don’t have keyboard-native software that allows for key binding customization, there are several solutions available via Google search:

Appreciate it, I use AHK for some games, and will probably have to do it here. But this game really should not have a worse mapping ability than its predecessor.

Lazy devs. It interrupted my gameplay from the very beginning.

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