Did anyone do a Sal build with no ending skills?

His ending skills aren’t that great, especially compared to other VHs

his other skills, some of them are really good of course

so is this like a thing? Basically skills in all 3 trees but none to the end

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Yes, the standard deputy build doesn’t use any of the capstones.


Right, NKLO sucks so bad … kappa


Come at Me Bro is definitely a weak capstone. Most Brawn builds include it because you’re there anyways - and it has its place.

Keep Firing is great for guns like Hyperion, Vladof and Bandit. But obviously useless for Jakobs (therefore not included in Deputy).

No Kill Like Overkill can be insanely overpowered. It’s one of those “Sal is broken” skills. He doesn’t need it for normal mobbing but would definitely take it for raids, arenas and the Peak.

You can do just fine without any of them, but most builds get you close to one of those capstones, so in most cases it would be silly not to.


Yup though so. Deputy Sal eh? Heh nice

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I’m just gonna say this : No Kill Like Overkill is objectively the best capstone, and arguably the single best skill in the entire game.

For the cost of one single point (and down a Skill Tree containing what is arguably the most overpowered skill in the entire game : Money Shot), this absolute ■■■■■■■■ skill multiplies all Gun Damage by up to 5. Just this is enough to make it the single most OP capstone, here is a good example of it in practice :

However, the true reason why it’s such a ridiculously OP skill is because it multiplies Money Shot, leading to batshit crazy numbers matched by absolutely nothing in the game (except Bloodsplosion but that’s WAY harder to pull off and even harder to effectively exploit).

Here is an experiment to show you how ridiculous Salvador can get with it :

Let’s assume we have a gun that deals 100 Base Damage, and the only damage-altering skills we have are No Kill Like Overkill and Money Shot.

  • Activate No Kill Like Overkill, and the gun will now deal 500 Damage and 1000 on a Critical Hit ;
  • Add in 5/5 Money Shot, and the gun will now deal 2900 Damage and 5800 on a Critical Hit ;
  • Add in a Class Mod that boost Money Shot to 11/5, and the gun will now deal 5870 Damage and 11740 on a Critical Hit ;
  • Add in Slag, and the gun will now deal 17610 Damage and 35220 on a Critical Hit ;
  • Add in an off-hand Grog Nozzle, and the gun will now deal 105660 Damage on a Critical Hit ;
  • Replace that Grog Nozzle with a Lady Fist (just for fun), and the gun will now deal 316980 Damage on a Critical Hit.

In other words, Salvador is able to multiply Gun Damage by 3169.8 (1056.6 with a Grog Nozzle in off-hand) just because of how No Kill Like Overkill works (and how broken off-hand mechanics are partially). And that’s not even counting Elemental Multipliers, other skills that could influence Gun Damage, or gear except for the Class Mod.

In conclusion : Salvador’s capstones are actually pretty amazing. NKLO is tremendously overpowered, Keep Firing on automatic weapons is a massive boost that only requires you to hold left click, and Come At Me Bro makes Salvador very tough to kill.

No. :man_facepalming:


Just want to say that if you ever wanted to know how to use CAMB, watch any of @kbk160008’s arena runs - especially that one. That’s how it’s done :+1:


CAMB is a great skill. Instantly restoring all of his HP and of course giving him tremendous defenses, which I feel is similar to the way Krieg used RtB with a BloodRust stack of over 70 in 10/5 Taste of Blood.

And the high level of utilization of this skill is when YKY and Get Some of 5/5 are held but short interval occurs before the next Gunzerking time.

CAMB guarantees the survivability of Sal that can be weakened in that short moment.

And this is something I have not yet confirmed. However, let me say, the CAMB is X2 stacked by using it at the end of gunzerking and at the beginning of the next gunzerking. The thing I have not confirmed is, if it works as double.


No. It’s not. weaker than that. Half of it? I don’t sure.


This is one of the few of my uploads that combines Keep Firing and CAMB.


Don’t mind me nitpicking here…

Actually, Come at Me, Bro (CaMB) alone gives more damage resistance than all of the Psycho’s skills added together but it only lasts for 8 seconds after activation (incase someone reading this didn’t know). Here are some of the numbers:

  • Taste of Blood — 0.75% damage reduction per bloodlust stack at 10/5 [1] so 75% or 0.75 damage reduction at 100 stacks;
  • Release the Beast (RtB) — 50% damage reduction (or 0.5) [2];
  • Numbed Nerves (NN) — 50% damage reduction (0.5) at rank 5/5 [3] (cannot be boosted further by class mods);
  • Come at Me, Bro — 250% damage reduction for 8 seconds after activation [4];
  • Base 50% (0.5) damage reduction from Gunzerking (Zerk).

Psycho: RtB + ToB(10/5) + NN(5/5) = 0.5 + 0.75 + 0.5 = 1.75 or 175% damage reduction.
Gunzerk: Zerk + CaMB = 0.5 + 2.5 = 3.0 or 300% damage reduction.

ps.: Here’s a thread from a while ago about damage resistance if you’re willing to read [5]. And here’s the ammount of hitpoints (as a combination of max health, shield capacity and damage reduction) I calculated for some combination of his skills and shields [6].


Wow. That’s a lot of damage reduction.


I went out of bed to sit at the keyboard to answer you.

Something is wrong. It seems to be the same reason that my view changed once.

I think your calculation is right and it should be. The two cases that seem to fit that calculation are the difference between Krieg’s damage at 29:54 on the video below and the damage Sal receives from 09:43 on the video @Enderborn1 introduced above.

The reason why I made the tentative decision is that 09:36 in my video Enderborn1 has introduced, the damage that Sal suffered from the heavy hammer attack by Ultimate Basass Orc and the damage that Krieg suffered in RtB state(you can check those cases at the Orc wave in my Krieg video I uploaded here) does not fit your calculations and my first guess.

My first guess was made by the damage I felt when the two characters were hit by a number of Ultimate Badass Fire Archer’s arrows in their particular state.

So I’m a bit confused. My first guess, second guess, and your exact calculation, each of these three cases seems to fit each situation.

I wonder if the reason I am confused is that I may misunderstand my experience.

And I thank you for your detailed and accurate explanation.:+1: (I needed that)

P.S: I want to link videos in the way Enderborn1 did as anyone does(I can not…:disappointed:), is there any kind and handsome person here?

123rd Edit: O.K. No handsome one today. I go back to bed…

124th Edit: I walked out of bed again. I lay down and suddenly I felt like this. It was an inference that CAMB would start to resist the damage from when Sal grabbed his two fingers and held the guns in both hands again.

If so, the difference between my misunderstanding and the exact calculation seems to be explained. My first one was just nothing…
I think I have to believe that this correct one. That way I can sleep comfortably.


Brilliant! Well done good sir! :acmaffirmative:


It’s kinda hard to compare damage resistance with all the action happening (I was also confused about your confusion). If you really want to, you could compare the damage from a surveyor’s shock bolt for more consistency.

ps.: You can use markdown or html code to format text.

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[md]: https://github.com/adam-p/markdown-here/wiki/Markdown-Cheatsheet#links
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And I still believe it should’ve been higher (or last a bit longer, preferably).


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This exaggerated expression is …very good. Thanks!

It looks like a good way, but now I’m peaceful with my last inference.:wink:

I agree with the longer lasting. But I think there is another improvement that we need more.

I think it is unreasonable that it can only be utilized once during Gunzerking. Sometimes Gunzerking state can be very long, and it seems unfair that he can not have the benefits of not being able to kill enemies quickly.:thinking:

P.S: And I thanks to your kindness about my question.

And @VaultHunter101 You made me surprised for the third time by this one…
When you sanctioned the creation of two other treads in the same video in the past, I was impressed with GearBox’s excellent A.I technology. This was first one.
And when I questioned the existence of a particular Stockpile Relic, I was surpriseded for the second time through your answer that proved you were an experienced and a wise “person.”
And today you are claiming your good looks.:grin: