Did Anyone Else Notice The Meta Shift

I’m starting to see a few of the top BL3 influencers shifting towards Terror builds. It’ll kinda suclk if the best builds being put out in a few weeks will be based around terror.

I know a lot of people hate terror because of the visual affect or they didn’t want to manage the different pieces of gear.

However having Massive Ammo regen while also getting the damage perks of any Vault Hunter or Gun is pretty enticing.

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I especially like the fact that the Ghast Call is the best grenade to use in the DLC. I stockpiled a ton of them, several anointed ones, and I am thoroughly enjoying launching grenades into an area, maybe a few rakks and then going to pick up loot in the Impound Yard :slight_smile:

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I’m glad I farmed up a ton of terror gear myself during the event. Terror annointed gear is really underapreciated imo. But changing the meta? Hmmm atm, the only build I see using it on M4 takedown is Fl4k with the new jakobs pistol, Lucky 7. Otherwise, I don’t see much builds using it. Amara is still rushing through it using the driver com, Zane got the Electric Banjo going on atm, wich is effing great tbh, I’m clearing m3 takedown like it’s nothing. Working on M4 as we speak. Moze might use the terror mechanic, I don’t know really, I mostly use my Moze for quick boss kills.

Uhmm, you might be wrong there. Ghast calls can’t come annointed (yet? let’s hope for next year they do). Or am I misunderstanding it?


They definitely don’t come anointed.


That’s what I thought, thnx. I was 99.9% sure on the matter.

I was wrong, not anointed just the Vindicator and Roided versions.

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Ghast calls arent annointed…

But if u mean vindicator version ill be your best friend if u gimme 1 8]

If any of yall PSN I got terror stuff to hand out. I just don’t like the terror builds in general. Held on to the stuff though.

Have you got a stop gap shield with ammo regen by any chance ?

I have no idea what I have but willing to send it all and someone can see if its worth it or not. Got a grenade with melee applies terror and few others.

I am the same as you im not really into the terror gear, but my friend has been on the look out for that specific item if you had it

Gotcha, don’t have that one specifically, I am sure I would have remembered. If not, I’ll PM you.

That is much appreciated, thank you

This is why I’m very surprised that they kept the builds in thr game. Because essentially they have to balance every bit of content around these builds. Makes no sense to me.

My Amara and Zane use terror, but I toggled it off for a bit because I’m hunting down all the crew challenges and side missions on m1 (with zane). M1 because I wanted this to be fast. Later on I’ll do all the side missions on a higher difficulty, with Amara or Flak or Moze.

The thing I noticed though was that the newer annointments almost do just as much damage. There’s one I see often on shields now, “on action skill end do additional radiation/fire/ice/shock damage for 10 seconds”. That can be a good middle ground when you don’t want the terror sound/graphic on all the time.

Ammo regen terror is so good , its basically a free moze capstone if u have it

I really don’t see something as constrictive as terror being meta. I personally just see this as these influencers trying to add diversity to builds they would have otherwise left out, and to feel special.


I wasn’t even aware this game had a meta. I just go and do my own thing, finding weapons that suits my style.


There’s a bit to unpack here.

Metas change frequently. Instead of feeling bound by what they are, it’s best to keep in mind that it’ll shift as soon as someone discovers a shiny new thing and makes a demo video.

As for terror, it has a few easy spaces to work in. It covers ground where ASE doesn’t work, such as Zane CCC or persistent AS builds, or in builds which rely on eliminating/limiting reloads, like Lucky 7 centered builds. These mechanics have their place, but new metas will still leverage ASE or other anointments.

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