Did anyone else notice

That Whiskey Foxtrot and Shane and Aurox share a bond, not sure what Kind of bond, but they do. Whiskey has a piece of Cloth tied above his arm where his launcher is attached, and Shayne has a Cloth on her leg of the same color and thickness. I don’t remember any lore about them besides Reyna recruiting them and saving them. Any thoughts? I thought maybe its part of Reyna’s Scarf, but they don’t match in color (it might though) and Toby and Orendi don’t have one (I stared at Orendi’s knee region for a bit, it might be a Cloth, and I would also assume if it was then Toby would have his piece in the cockpit of Berg).


Sounds pretty cool

It’s because they’re a bunch of rag tag rebels.


The Pun was so good and cringe worthy

Lol but if they did share some sort of bond then why don’t they say anything to each other whenever they encounter each other in battle? I’ve only noticed interaction between the following.

Toby—> Reyna

Also Toby and Orendi. It seems like Foxtrot is quieter than the rest.

Fixed it and yeah. Wasn’t sure if it was a bug or not but I told the Gearbox Devs about it. All they said was that they plan to add new interaction speeches.