Did anyone ever one-hit Aria? (Glitch)

Hey you guys, not sure where to post this honestly so I’ll just post it here. I guess I will send it to the Gearbox support too, but I do wonder if it happened to someone else.

So I was playing the operation as Toby, my buddy was Benedict (DREAM TEAM. Not really… High damage but so easy to kill… ^^’) So we are at the final battle, and we shoot at Aria and stuff… That’s what aviants do. Anyways, we both die and both respawn. So I look through the red window from the spawn point, my buddy is already on his way down. I want to follow him, then suddenly the screen flashes white and Aria is dead…
I recorded that, I’ll upload the video later.
But I watched back the video and kept looking at the map. Aria teleported herself out of the map and died. That’s what happened. Idk how, didn’t know she was suicidal, but it was really weird. (And convenient… Maybe we wouldn’t have made it with Benny and Tobester.)

So has anything like this ever happened to you guys?

(Edit: Made a mistake and placed it in general discussion, moved it to campaign discuassion.)

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This hasn’t happened to me, but ■■■■ that made me laugh xD


Lol haven’t had her commit suicide but I’ve had her stop completely in immune mode and stay that way lol

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Oh that really sucks… Maybe you can actually use Reyna to push Aria through a wall and one hit her… Would like to try that. ;p

Me and my friend were unlocking skins for foxtrot(him) and pendles(me) and I circled aria pummeling her and she didn’t do anything, whenever went immune to I 100-0 her by circling her

Had it happen as Toby myself… maybe it has something to do with slow? If she tries To warp to the Middle While being slowed… maybe that causes it? She was about to go into the final phase and walked into my arc mine and got insta killed instead bringing her friend.

But before they patch a useful Glitch, they should Patch the “Kill Elite Bot with Skill” Challenge to work properly. If a character has an augmentation that alters the effect of the Skill, it doesn’t work.


Raths Crossslash, Deandes Burst Attack, Shayne & Aurox Fetch, Phoeboes Sword Rush.

I took Augmentations that alter functionality and they didn’t work.

They should fix THAT first.


This is odd, I took the explosive Blade Rush at level 4 and still completed the “Kill the Bulwark with a skill” objective.

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Yep, I just did this as Phoebe. I made created a topic about ways to easily beat her, simply walking backwards while firing with a ranged character was my tip, but it seems that melees can circle-strafe her to death. It seems that her base movement is just too slow, when you’re backing away she just slowly advances on you but can never catch up, and when you circle-strafe her she turns too slowly to be able to face you and launch an attack, it’s a pseudo-stun that locks her in an animation.

I’ve done it 29 times now with most characters and the closest I came was with Boldur.
With three good charges, once she wasn’t golden anymore, dead and her sister died from collateral damage.

Marquis without skill damage can take her entire middle phase down, which is roughly 50%. Slap Aria’s and a Bola’s on there with Reyna and Ambra to add damage and you could probably do it.

I just had this happen as well, well sort of. I was able to catch a video of it, I think @lowlines recorded it as well.

The video is in this thread - Sister Aria just died in her second phase but nobody touched her, with video evidence

Just happened to me as ISIC.

And it happened on the following run as Phoebe… odd.

Did you die as Pheobe too?

All the videos I’ve seen players have been downed or in the spawning rooms. This means she can’t teleport to you > she teleports out of map bounds and the game clears her out because she’s stuck. (Or falls to her death?)


Yes almost the same exact instance as my isic video. I died and respawned and was just about to leave the spawn safe area and then the white flash happened. I captured it as well if it is beneficial to anyone.

What will happen if you just don’t go out of the spawn room?)) Gotta check it…

It happened to me a second time last night in a 3P game, all three of us were down that time.

I think that’s right. Me and my buddy had it happen when I was still in the spawn room, and he was already going down. (Benedict always has to go first! He didn’t even give me a chance to show how good I am.) But I also told him “Mate, maybe she tried to teleport to us but it glitched the game”

Now, I know that in the Heliophage, you can get outside of the spawn thing and when you are a sniper you can kill everything from a safe distance. But eventually, the boss will jump to you to come and get you. Maybe Aria is supossed to do the same thing, come to you when you are in the spawn point too long, but it kinda glitches out.
I’m not a pro at these things, but it seemed to make sense. ;p

"the game clears her out because she’s stuck. (Or falls to her death?)"
I have a feeling she just falls to her death. And if that is the case, this will be easy to fix. I’ll try to post the video of what happened to me here. Idk how yet but I’ll figure it out. ;p

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