Did anyone get Taunts for Ernest?

All my friend and me got for this feathered fellar is the alternate white skin… he today got LOTS of credits while buying the packs, today we both togehter got at least 50 packs.

Has anyone got anything else ernest related? I’m starting to worry that some of those credits should have been skins or taunts but the game is somehow bugged and replaced it with credits… if you get 1000 credits five times in a row, that IS odd.

Wish there was an easier way to get those Skins taunts, the randomness can be very punishing. :unamused:

I got a Taunt, where he kiss a grenade before loading it in his Launcher.

Also, you get credits when you get a duplicate (1000 for a duplicate Taunt, and 500 for a duplicate skin)
So the more skins and taunts you got, the more chance you have to get credits and less to get a skin or taunt. (Which mean you might never get the last skin or taunt for one of your favourite character. Like me with Benedict’s Dance IV.)


I got all three of his skins from 10 packs. The next 40 got me no new taunts for him.

^This. I’ve opened 200+ Rogue packs, and STILL haven’t gotten Toby’s “Aw Shucks” taunt (got plenty of credits); whereas 10 or so UPR packs netted me two of Benedict’s taunts, and ALL of his skins.

RNG is a fickle ruler

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I was super lucky for whatever reason with UPR packs for Ernest, I probably opened about 30 packs total and got all three of his skins and both taunts.
He’s got the “my favorite grenade” taunt, where he kisses a grenade and then hits it with his launcher like a baseball.
The other is called something like “perimeter check” where he holds his grenade launcher like a rifle and checks all directions like he’s a sentry. Not as much fun as the grenade baseball one.

On the other hand, I have opened many many LLC packs and gotten pretty much nothing but a couple of El Dragone skins :frowning:

It took about 50 packs but i got both taunts and the 3 skins. Also got a couple skins and taunts for other people i was missing and got 2 legendaries

I love aw shucks best taunt for Toby imo:)

I think they seriously need to rework those Skin/Taunt rolls… it really really annoys me that I didn’t get anything for Montana or Ernest only the White Skin, still waiting for more.

It seems however, that Ghalts “Tactical Withdrawal” is pretty common, almost everyone I know in person got that taunt in recent UPR packs. (It’s the one there he hides his head like a turtle).