Did Attikus get stealth buffed?

I played a few rounds as him today after getting used to Alani, and his punches at level one definitely feel quite a bit faster. Same thing with Whiskey Foxtrot’s fire rate…I did some of my better Attikus games today, and I may need to run a side by side comparison, but he definitely feels more…useful, all around.

Even took a few experimental builds into play, and his flexibility just seems far better than the ‘mandatory’ helixes that seem to be so popular for him, probably in part to what I assume to be an attack speed buff. If that’s the case, good on ya Gearbox! He definitely feels far easier to manage now.

I use him heavily in Story, and I haven’t noticed any changes with him.

It may just be me, then. In the rounds I played he definitely felt…better. Probably just a placebo from not having played him in a while.

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