Did benedict damage get nerf after beta?

i used to be top damage dealer in the beta with top kills or up there with the most now im doing the least amount of damage for the story with my friends. playing with same people

and there playing there same characters for most part

The only things that surprise me from that are that you were beat by whiskey, and toby isn’t first or second (on the damage side).

As far as kills not sure, I never pay atention to that.

No nerfs. Maybe it’s your loadout?

Heck, he even got buffed because they made it so easy to headshot thralls and other stuffs now with his rockets.

He is still doing the same damage.

Pretty sure they didn’t changed the hitboxes. I’m able to do headshots as much as before.

these are the only pics i have during beta, and i was killing as benedict but now he feels so weakimage

im going to be with zeit on this and say they changed something to let benedict crit more. i dont recall ever doing that in the beta. and now im doing tons of crits

Feels the exact same to me, doing the same as I did in beta.

Hm, since there is no patch note about crits and since i don’t feel any differences, i’m just going to think you both just naturally got better at doing crockets.

As for the damage, i hard-confirm it’s the same as before:

Don’t know why you got such a drop.

really feeling like stop playing as benedict this is ridiculous his damage now
A kleese doing more damage than a benedict!

I don’t get know you’re facing damage issues with Benedict.

Benedict damage-per-shot is as high as Marquis full snipe. Your headshot crit will deal over 1k by default with osme attack damage gear.

So yeah, the question here is that, how are you headshotting your enemies? Your kills is even lower than Kleeese which shouldn’t be possible unless it’s on a defend stage and that his rifts are already set up at the spawn or choke point which instantly kill everything. You 100-0 most of your targets in one rocket with the headshot, 2 if they are major enemies with boosted health.

Can you give us your build and Gear? Maybe the way you play him too. So we can see where it goes wrong (Because there is something wrong somewhere)

never got any where close to 1000 crit with benedict
this is on the high side for crit for me im filming my matches now and the last one i did i avg crit at 300-400

and reg damage 50-200

ill get more screen caps soon form the vidoe because taken screen shots in game is not easy to time it

Don’t use Algorithm as an example for BEnedict DPS.

  1. Geoff has 66% protection toward Benedict rocket
  2. Guardian-type stuffs only takes half damage from Benedict

Use him in every other stage beside The Sentinel and Algorithm. It’s like bringing melee to ISIc if you bring benedict. It is still possible but you’re going to have to go with the painful crit route everytime for Geoff and take awhile to kill guardian.

The Sentinel is clearable though. THe boss still take full damage because they are much bigger to be hit by actual rocket first instead of the splash although it was a direct hit.

Allow me to fix something about Kleese although I main him but never took him into PvE on Beta. I am grinding him there now due to PvP being rather dead to find a match.

After level 3, Kleese unlock the sniper mutation at H3.

In case you don’t know, this sniper mutation is about 33% stronger than Marquis snipe.

So if you’re wondering why Kleese deals so much, I’m one shotting all thrall brutes at level 3 on adv with no items unlocked. My one-glove damage at Void’s edge on the boss is 1.6k crit. THat’s even more than my Benedict with glove, vest (AD) and homing helix buff.

Pic related on Geoff who has *4 crit multiplier.

Maybe the other players got better at the game faster than you? Or maybe Benedict isn’t great at PvE. In PvP I love him now I found out that the 3 hawkeye upgrade is better (for me at least) than the fast reload. His burst damage is insane, but after his burst his damage falls off if you go for the tripple hawkeye. In PvE i’d go for faster reload and instant reload for more consistent damage.

as i play more and more with Benedict for some reason it seems he is worse in Story mode now but still decent in PVP. not as good as he used to be in PVP.

anyone know if stats can be different from story mode to PvP?

one of my best matches, helps when you have a good team mates to

Hm, your gear is hawkward (Huehue), why do you have Armour piercing?
You lack his Legendary, but i guess it’s because you don’t have it yet.

because it all i have atm that is decent with reload as secondary buffs

things with reload as secondary is rare, was with a recoil main for the longest time till i finally get the penetration.

i really want to replace it with a attack speed and reload secondary.

but im at the mercy of RNG which seems to favor sprint, shard regen, recoil, healing received, heal boosting.

very little reload, attack speed, damage boosting, damage reducing, battery

for his legendary i lack 10 more mins of flying to get it also

but it cost alot to activate and not sure if it is worth it for the price, i want to get reload boost ASAP

Seems a bit overkill to get that much Reload speed. Don’t know your helix, though. (I only use his Legendary as Reload speed + Helix)

I find the lowest down time to not being able to fire the best.