Did benedict damage get nerf after beta?

My numbers look like yours (sorry have no screenshots atm).

I’m a bit confused about how damage, kills and assists are figured. Seems to me they should be a lot higher for me. I expect to do bad on creatures with smallish hit spots because I spec AoE, but it looks to me like I’m killing or at least doing massive damage to a lot of medium to low health mobs. Even if I don’t kill them and they get finished off by someone else, seems to me my assist count should be a lot higher. But the stats say I’m at or near the bottom in damage, kills, and assists.

At this point I’m wondering if AoE damage figures are bugged, maybe the game is corrupted on some computers? Not really a big deal to me, I know I’m doing good work for the party. On Montana I often have the top damage total and am near top in kills and assists. He is not an AoE character and that’s one reason I think there may be a problem with AoE damage registering properly. I am a better Montana player than a Benedict player at this point, no question, but still, I’m confused. I would like to understand better how these stats work.

Regardless of stats, I’m really enjoying Benedict. :slight_smile:

Abuse the reload trick. With 30% reload speed helix, you no longer waste any time to reload if you reload between firing delay.

Anything above 30% just make it easier to do the reload animation cancel. You don’t really need the extra magazine at all unless you feel like improving your early game or abuse his legendary which is one of the best legendaries in the game.

Switch all your gear and stack damage. Get everything that has to do with damage. Benedict has one of the best late game damage and 100-0 potential.

Here’s my current status with him in PvP on incursion Overgrowth. (Echelon is a bad map)

24 wins 3 losses so far. Most of the death comes from meeting a bunch of Marquis constantly making my life hell early game. However, after I unlock all damage item and reach level 7, every squishies on the enemy team will be unable to play as long as I’m alive because I can 100-0 everyone with 4 homing rockets on landing Hawkeye.

One of today games, I was against a team of 5-man who had Marquis, Thorn and Miko making my life hell because both Thorn and Marquis made it nearly impossible to fly and shoot with Miko recovering all the damage. I started the game off with 4/7 and Sentry #1 down.

However, I was luckily able to farm exp from buying structure, capture thrall and dedicate my time to wave clear. I also tried to control the shard and was able to break that level 6 barrier to deal with multiple sniper comp.

I ended the game 16/8 just 100-0ing them back. There’s really no counterplay to a good 4-homing-rocket dealing 400+ a hit. If they have a Miko healing, just add a point-blank ult in the face to guarantee the kill and kill Miko afterward, or kill Miko first because you can force a crit as well and do 600+ a shot.

I agree definitely late game we are a force to be reckon with. early game we are very weak

i think that is one of the reason benedict is classified as advance.

I dont get most of my player kills till after lvl 4 reload and 3 hawkeyes

Everyday I Upgrade all Helix Only Right (Bird Of Prev) Heaviest Damage
The Health Power Of Enemy Was Reduced to -1450 HP (Used Gear) While I was Using Hawkeye+3 :sunglasses: