Did borderlands the pre sequel damage the series

this question has been on my mind as I am seeing a lot of youtube channels abandon the franchise I have seen some borderlands youtubers outright express that they are done making content for borderlands the pre sequel for example admiral bahroo said on twitter that he was done with it. I feel like what’s damaging the series is the fact that there is really nothing new to talk about in terms of borderlands stuff except tails from the borderlands and I don’t think there well be anything to talk about for quite a while since gearbox is busy with battleborn and there isn’t any DLC coming out for borderlands the pre sequel so I feel like I should be worried but who knows what’s going to happen there are a couple of ways to fix the quite that’s going on one way is to release more DLC which I doubt well happen another way is maybe to tell another studio to make another borderlands game while Gearbox works on BL3 and lastly which I think is the most likely way is to announce a borderlands 1 remake the more I honestly think about it the more I feel like borderlands 3 isn’t as far away as we think Gearbox had to have been thinking about and working on BL3 since the release of BL2 I think the only reason why they asked the community for help was because of the fact that the pre sequel had such a negative community response

I don’t think so. The pre sequel is a great game with great features and ideas.


I’m not a huge fan of the Pre-Sequel.

I need to try the two DLC characters, I guess- but I wasn’t a fan of any of the main four.

I’m pretty sure having some of those youtubers stop with the game is a good thing IMO the ones that stopped did nothing but say bl2 sucked anyways, shocker that they hated TPS as well.

It wasn’t ever borderlands 3 it was always more like 2.5. I would rather have it than not have it for sure. Its not as good as 2 but I never thought it would be. It was a hold over and brought a lot of cool new ideas to the franchise. Sure some things were worse but a lot of things were better and I think the franchise will be much better off for it.



Youtubers say provocative things to get more traffic, apparently.


The problem that the presequel had is that it was always going to be compared to Borderlands 2 which was an already sizeable game that became a massive game with all of that fantastic dlc bringing a mass of new content to extend the lifespan of the game. The dlc for the presequel was woeful in comparison. Just one piece of new playable content, I don’t count the arena (which I cant even remember the name of cause I only played it for 1 hour before the unending tedium forced me to put it down for good) as playable content, it brought nothing new to the game. No raid bosses, loot drops assigned to bosses you could only kill once leaving your best chance to acquire legendaries from was the grinder which was bugged to hell and never worked properly. I bought the season pass for Borderlands 2 and got the best dlc I’d ever purchased for any game. I bought the season pass for the presequel as well and resent every single penny I paid for it. It just wasn’t worth the money. I felt cheated. I fear that the presequel may have killed the franchise. Gearbox don’t seem to have any clear vision for Borderlands 3. I suspect it may be one of those games that trundles through a sporadic development process for a couple of years before being quietly shelved when people have stopped asking about it.


I always treated TPS as a complement to BL2 I personally play both games but I don’t think TPS was designed to stand on it’s own I feel like it was designed to stand along side BL2 and I think even gearbox knows that since they are still having shift codes for both games

personally I disagree on the Pre sequel dlc yes the holodome sucked but I have heard that the two DLC characters are great and I loved the claptrap DLC as for Borderlands 3 basically being another Duke nukem forever I don’t see that happening 2K just announced that the Borderlands franchise has sold 25 million units what I think is happening right now is most of gearbox is working on battleborn and there is probably a small team working on borderlands 3 once battleborn is finished all work well be put on BL3 and they well probably outsource the Battleborn DLC similar to how 3 of the 4 BL2 DLC’s weren’t done by Gearbox it well probably take a year and a half for them to get enough of BL3 done to announce the game and probably another year to release it

Holodome was a waste.

The rest of the game is fine. Its just not long enough. They needed to integrate the two games instead of just compiling them.

Playing as athena in bl2 would be great.

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I agree with the fact that it’s not long enough there wasn’t even enough content in the game to reach level 70 in UVHM playing through the whole main game and doing all the side missions get you to level 61 or 62 once I reach level 60 in UVHM i personally just grind XP so I am not sure if playing through the holodome DLC and playing through the claptastic DLC is enough to get a character to 70 but I am going to guess it isn’t

I am playing through TVHM at the moment, having done all side-quests the first time, I am almost at level 50 and currently at Tycho’s Ribs (this is without doing all side-quests the second time through) - so I beg to differ about reaching level 70 or so by the end of UVHM. It seems to be well balanced, as you’d expect.

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Bl2 was the same way, you didn’t reach 72 without repeating stuff

A good way to keep interest in the series, at least for a while, would be to release an HD version of the first Borderlands for PS4 and XB1. They said if Handsome Collection sold well enough, they’d be crazy not to. Easy enough turnover in profit. Even if they had to make it digital-only. Though the special editions for BL games do always rake in the cash. Plus it would mean we could relive the joy and Crawmerax fun on a console that didn’t have 1000 year-long load times (especially if you were a PS3 player. The 360 version ran well enough. Though not as well as PC haha.) Keeping my fingers crossed.

I do most of the side missions in playthrough one the only one I don’t do is the revolution one but outside of that everything is done of course I am talking only main game for me doing all the side missions in playthrough one gets me to about level 29 or 30 from there I start TVHM and again I do most of the side missions just not that one revolution mission and I get to level 50 maybe 51 doing the same thing in UVHM gets me to 61 or 62 not playing through the DLC of course so what your saying about being at level 50 at Tycho Ribs sounds like what I am usually at when I play through TVHM

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if by repeating stuff you mean doing the same side missions and story missions as the ones in TVHM then you are correct but what I am saying is there was enough content in the main game of borderlands 2 were if for example I had a level 50 character just enter UVHM and I did all the side missions he would probably be able to get to Level 72 and if he didn’t get to 72 he would be close enough that I could probably play a DLC like a headhunter pack the issue in borderlands the pre sequel is the fact that there isn’t enough content in the main game to get the character you are playing as from level 50 to 70 I have 2 level 70 characters on borderlands the pre sequel and every time I finish the main game in UVHM and do 98 percent of the side missions I am around level 60 or 61

A lot of people couldn’t get to 61 in bl2 doing the story and all the dlc, they had to farm petes bar to get there, never mind 72.

personally if they do release a borderlands remaster I would want them to update the game with things from Borderlands 2 for example I would love a mini map in borderlands 1 along with implementing the Badass rank and updating the graphics to have them look more like BL2 now that one would probably be the hardest thing to do since borderlands 1 is running on a different engine then borderlands 2

ok I personally never got a character on level 61 when I was playing this game on PS3 this whole thing with getting my characters to max level is sorta new to me but from my experience in UVHM doing all side missions gets my character to max level if not max level then very close to Max level I wonder if the reason why people struggled to get to 61 was because of the fact that missions didn’t give out as much XP as when they updated the level cap to 72 I really don’t know

To get to 72 most people I know ran petes bar 100’s if not 1000’s of times. It’s not a TPS issue its a borderlands issue. Same as the 3 playthrough deal. I hope they find a better way in bl3.

But to be honest how many RPG’s do you not have to grind a bit to hit max level??? I can’t think of any of the top of my head. I’m sure there are a few but the majority have this.

I like the Pre-Sequel. It was the first Borderlands game I played and because of that it will have a special place in my heart. But after playing Borderlands 2 for a month and a half, I can see why people don’t like TPS that much.

TPS still did a lot of things right. Playable characters have more personality, scaling is much more forgiving, UVHM isn’t cheap and punishing, the grinder gave low-tier weapons a purpose, lasers, low gravity, double jumping, skill trees are better designed etc…

I managed to get around 18 days worth of gameplay out of TPS in just five months. And that was with the base game, DLC not included. I got TPS and GTA 5 around the same time, but I can safely say that I enjoyed TPS more. Propably because I hadn’t played a Borderlands game before, but still.

All in all, I don’t think TPS damaged the series. Even though the game was made for Borderlands fans, it propably brought some new fans over, as it did with me. Once I burn out BL2, I will propably go back to TPS for a while, because I already miss the low gravity and lasers.