Did Creator's Update Break Homeworld Remastered?

Ever since the Windows 10 Creator’s Update, I have been unable to play Homeworld. I get to the launcher and attempt to launch Homeworld Remastered 1 and 2, but the launcher closes as if to launch the game but nothing happens. Same happens for Homeworld 2 Classic, and the only one that works is Homeworld 1 Classic. I added -luatrace to the end of my Homeworld steam launch options and no log is present in where it should be. Previous to the update I was able to play Homeworld without any issues with any number of mods. I uninstalled and reinstalled to no avail. There are a couple of posts on the Steam discussion forums, but beyond that there has been no response. I have run a virus scan and caught nothing, so I can’t just chalk it up to that.

Can anyone confirm that the Creator’s Update might have something to do with Homeworld suddenly not working?

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What’s your Window’s version? Apparently the public stable OS Build is 15063.

If you don’t know how to check it type “settings” in the start menu, go to system then about to see.

If you have been having trouble since a particular build then here’s a nice simple guide on rolling back:

I’ve not gone up to the Creator’s Update yet, but I was looking forward to seeing the game mode for myself…

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My computer updated to the Creator’s Update over the weekend and I’ve had no issues launching HWR via desktop shortcuts. Launcher also seems to be working no issues here.

Just tested this myself and HW:RM launches without any issues with the Creator’s Update installed on my system. Nvidia as well as AMD have released new drivers specifically for the Creator’s Update, in case you haven’t installed them yet try installing them and see if that fixes it.

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