Did...did it update? Or...what?

A couple times I got a notification in-game that there was an update available and if I’d like to return to the main menu. Since there is no “updates” option I can see anywhere on the menu, and there is no progress bar or even something as simple as the word “updating”, I can’t tell if the update installed or not and how long I need to wait for it. So how do I tell? What if the reason I have massive FPS drops is because BD3 simply didn’t explain that it was trying to update?

So I have no idea if this would work… but just a thought. If you are using the Epic Games client, you can go to the library and where it shows the game, on the right there’s 3 dots. If you click it, it’ll show you the game version. Then go back to the main menu, and check the version again to see if it’s changed. Maybe the game would need to be exited complete, and maybe the game client might need a restart. And again, I don’t know if these updates we’re seeing actually end up changing the version number.

Like you… I wonder what the heck these updates are.

I got the notice on XB1 last night when I paused the game for a moment. I think it might be registering that a hotfix became available while you were playing. However, I have not seen any actual announcements and hotfixes are historically announced. So I have no idea what’s happening right now, but I will try and find out.

I get this on PS4 Pro as well. No idea.