Did everyone forget about the Frostfire?

Why can’t we get this gun from anything but the Bestest Story Ever Told in normal mode? It is annoying knowing that a cool gun in unobtainable in higher levels. Plus, it would round out my collection of guns that are just Fire + one other element (Which may be Fire as well) with the Thunderfire and Hellfire.

It should be dropped from the Invincible Sentinel, or to avoid bloating his loot pool, make is a guaranteed drop when you kill it like the Slayers of Terramorphous.

I dont care that it is pretty much the Bane and the Chullain mixed into one terrible gun, I NEED IT!

Yes. I always wanted to build something with this gun, but sadly there is no damn way to get one…

I have a lvl 70 luneshine frostfire I found. I use it when the cryo effect that makes you slow doesn’t ware off.

lol, “I found.”

that’s impossible, so you might as well at least be honest about how you got it

Luneshine part of that post makes it even better.

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Welp it was a fairly underwhelming gun, so itsk

it was april 1st here when he posted that so…

Ya I found it on the ground in Concordia in a game I randomly joined.

Illegitimate is all I have to say.

I don’t need the harassment. If @cowthulhu wants to make a trade for it I have it.

Hooray! A clearly hacked gun, on the wrong console! God has smiled upon me this day!

Actually when i posted it local time was May 31.

Didn’t realize you were on a different system, sorry for getting your hopes up.

Why should he wanna trade it if he can get one non-legit?
We all modded the game, and tried out stuff for sure. But for me, I like get all the loot legit, so we want this gun. I could get one right now, but I would feel bad if I just mod one.

oi speak for yourself mate I havent touched my game with the dirty duty.