Did Gearbox kill off their multiplayer community?

I would hope they’d release a decent balance patch and you wouldn’t have to quit. I enjoy seeing you playing in the tournaments.

And yeah I forgot to mention in my earlier post how you knew EXACTLY what I was going to do before the match started, which should be a huge advantage assuming HW1 balance isn’t just completely broken like it is.

I didn’t know what you would do, and I didn’t bother even making a probe because I just knew you had limited options.
I didn’t know that from practicing versus anyone… I just know from knowing all the numbers, and having a good idea in my head about what could be possible. That accounts for a lot.

It was really clever how you pinned your research ship to your mothership and sandwiched the carrier over top, that way both the carrier and MS guns could shoot my bombers AND they had really limited angles they could attack the research vessel.

But yeah, it still didn’t work, like I said. There’s nothing the best HW1 player can do against a HW2 player that simply understands the huge weaknesses.

Yes you could buff research vessel but…:
Personally I think my solution of giving HW1 production modules is best. Obviously I’m bias, but I thought through it a lot.
Firstly, It means you can build a production building while researching, like HW2 races can. This allows you to “tech switch” easier. HW1 research really locks your tech down in that branching tree.
This means you don’t need to start out with research just like HW2 races don’t.

The downside is obviously that they’re destroyable, and you need to make one for each production ship. But I think those are upsides from a design standpoint because secondly:
Lets assume HW1 ships got buffed a lot to be on par with HW2 ones, and they weren’t stuck in a research hole where they can now get things out just as fast.

Well then HW1 is OP as hell.
See in HW2 vs HW2, you can stop destroyers from coming out by killing the capital ship production facility. You can stop BCs from coming out by killing its cap ship production facility or the shipyard.
Against HW1s you have to kill the Mothership, which is BS by comparison. Luckily it’s not a problem now since they’re so much weaker, but it WOULD be one if they were otherwise up to par.

Assymetrical balance is a great thing, but that part of it is way too much assymetry.

As for buffing Research Vessel itself… Well you may have noticed it has MORE hp than your collectors, but it dies easier to basically everything. They are super fragile, yep.
That’s because its armor type makes it take full damage from basically everything, while collectors generally take 40-80% damage. That’s another thing I changed in my balance mod, giving them the same armor type as collectors.

Like I would always use the example of how Interceptors will kill Research Vessel faster than a HW1 player can stop it. But really, bombers are better at it. Still I use the example of Interceptors because it’s even more stupid that that works so well. Interceptors do far more damage to Research Vessels than they do Collectors when at the very least it should take bombers to do the job.

Even with that buff I gave them in my mod, to have resArmour type, it’s still bad and not enough to make HW1 viable. You still only have like one 120 second research finished by the time I’m killing it. I could just wait another 30 seconds and have 6 bombers instead of 4, which will be long before you get grav well or defenders out.

HW1 race need a lot of research times reduced if it’s not going to go the production module route… But not going that route I think is even more of a balancing nightmare.

Of course it’d be great if HW1 Deathmatch mode doesn’t have those sort of changes, and is much more like original HW1 balance. What I’m always talking about is balancing a game that includes both HW1 and HW2 playing with and against one another.

I’ve just started scrolling past your drivel, you don’t seem to take on-board what anyone and everyone is saying, you don’t even acknowledge any of the nice things people say. You are on the defensive.

I’ll say it again for your little young arrogant mind: If @ratamaq could play HW1 how it originally played, you would struggle immensely. Until you understand that, you will get resistance on everything you say.

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lol. What?

Okay you win. Let me try and word this in a way that admits defeat without being TOO inaccurate. Lets see… Ratamaq would wreck me if he could use his 0 units with proper formation, tactics to defend his research vessel. No balance problem here at all, just missing that proper behavior for his 0 units!

Being so wrong with so much confidence and aggression is cute. Welp. Thread derailed. Thanks, @Moonquake_BiB.

Sorry for sharing my knowledge with people. That such an arrogant thing to do. It’s so condescending of me to correct someone’s fanciful dreams with actual facts.
The only problem here is that you don’t read, you don’t want to learn, and you don’t like being corrected.
You’re absolute, without a doubt, 100% wrong before and still wrong that making HW1 races play like they did in HW1 is all that it would take to make them competitive. I’m really dumbfounded that you’d continue to insist on it in the fact of overwhelming evidence(that you don’t want to know about) to the contrary.

Who is “everyone” anyway? It’s just you saying this. Most others understand it’s a combination all of balance, bugs, and mechanics issues.

Lol, cute reply.

“Wreck” and “Struggle” have two completely different meanings, this is your issue. You read a comment and go all defensive. You just backed up everything I’ve said.

You say I’m “100%” wrong, yet I’ve never said you were wrong, I said your argument is pointless until HW1 plays how HW1 should. Balancing can only be considered when the function of the game has been rectified, or worked on.

Not quite sure how I’ve derailed the thread either. Pointless comment is pointless.


The game can be balanced better, then balanced more as bugs are fixed and mechanics (re)introduced.

You’re also not understanding how formations & tactics will also heavily buff HW2 units just the same. Why should working unit behavior and control be a HW1 race only feature?

A lack of a proper lobby and a multiplayer chat is really hurting the community. This game is not remastered it’s downgraded. I have done playing this game and right now I am waiting for a proper multiplayer lobby before I even consider continue playing this game. I assume a lot of people are doing the same.

I’ve not been questioning whether the game can be balanced better. There are glaring balance issues.

Anyway, I surrender. Aged out …


Game Mechanics (Primarily HW1) > Balancing (HW1/HW2)



We are here to talk about Homeworld. Not other forum members. The condecending and passive-aggressive replies can stop now. And by “can” I mean “will.”

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I’m from the US and been clanning with these crazy brits for 15 years. If you figure out a way to get them to stop arguing, you could quit this forum mod job and make millions.


Nice analysis based on nothing.

I just said based on what I’ve read. I’ve read your changelog. It’s stupid. You disregard the rock-paper-scissors mechanism too much, which is a core element of HW2 gameplay.

@ynvaser, You read it without context, or just didn’t understand it, then.
I did not disregard RPS, for example. Yes, there is generally less RPS than the HW2 races, but that’s how HW1 was. I made the units fit the same roll that people who played HW1 would expect, where possible.
No reason why HW1 races can’t be less RPS than HW2 races and still be balanced. Just like Vaygr has more RPS in early tech than Hiigaran does.

Balance takes hours. Reintroducing all these different mechanics and such will take weeks.

Why not give the game playable balance now? It doesn’t at all get in the way of introducing mechanics changes/fixes later.

It sounds like you simply want to punish everyone else with unplayable HW1 races until you get what YOU want.

Look, I hear you. You have made a lot of good points concerning glaring balance issues with the units themselves, and proved it to me by sniping my research ship before I could get my second tech researched. Could I have held you off had I gone fighter instead of frig first as a counter? (The third test you were too tired to try) maybe. But I’ll quote myself from another thread in the hopes that you understand where we are coming from.

So you see. I believe you with your analysis. At least, I believe you’ve put a lot of time and effort crunching numbers and you have done your homework on how the game is played. But the reality is, as a self admitted person who has only played a hand full of MP games, you’re coning off like a pit crew mechanic trying to tell race car drivers the way we know how to drive is not important.


Yes, only me obviously. :smirk:

@ratamaq just summed this whole thread up in a simple way, if you ignore this, you’re just being pedantic.


Heck, I’ll throw I like at you just for using “pedantic”. /bows

How many BiBs are playing?


Thank you. :sunglasses:

In terms of BiBs, we have rounded up about 25 but only a few are trying MP, if any. Cpt_Jim_BiB, B][LLy Da BiB, Wicksy_BiB, Steed_BiB etc etc are (with fingers crossed) waiting for it to be sorted otherwise they’ve shelved the game and won’t be returning to HW.

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Back to the topic I would say pretty much yes.
They could have done a great job in mp, using features that are very common nowadays, like a rank system, a pubic profile, a stats tracking, etc, making it more attractive to today player base. But they were not only absent in that, they also took away good things that the mp had like the lobbylobby, and delivered a very unfinished product, with bugs and region lock.
I only see vets on mp right now, and the reason is simple, nobody would insist on playing the game on that state, if I were a newcomer I would say “what piece of *****” and move to another game, but I’m addicted to this game and that is the only reason why I still here.
The only way to revive the game imo, is a big sale with a massive discount after the beta is over, and after they implement all those things, like a lobby, a player profile, stats tracking and ranking.


Crashing has nothing to do with the engine being 10 years old. Homeworld 1 and 2 absolutely work natively on Windows 7 and 8. Homeworld 1 and 2 Classic that shipped with remastered only fixed the resolution options and removed lan play, which work fine in the originals, you just have to set 1080p via registry and add /triple to your shortcut so the hud aligns properly.

Neither one of them crash.

Crashes are caused by erroneous code. Stop talking out of your rear please.

On topic though; you can’t change any balance, tweak any numbers, until the functionality is working properly.

HW1 is supposed to work by allowing you to make your own custom sqaudrons, which means your unit compositions will be much more mixed when compared to HW2 races. HW1 races pop out ships individually while HW2 races pop out ships in full squadrons, so with that said – it’s clear that HW1 races need to be able to create ships faster, and that HW1 races will have higher ship capacity, which balances out for them being individually weaker.

As long as the behaviors for HW1 ships aren’t working at all, the only way to balance them is to actually make them STRONGER than HW2 ships, and then when you fix their functionality – whoops, now their broken by way of being extremely too powerful.

Meh, I can pass on the rank and stats system for quite a while, personally speaking of course.

I suppose it could be useful and fun. I’m not big on stats nor do I pay attention to them in games that provide them usually.


Crashing has nothing to do with the engine being 10 years old.

Homeworld 1 and 2 absolutely work natively on Windows 7 and 8.

Neither one of them crash.

I was going to say something smart, but I’ll just quote you:

Stop talking out of your rear please.

I still remember spending a good part of an hour looking for ways to have a crash-free experience on Win7 64bit with both HW2 and HW. I don’t think any of these games were made with post-WinXP OS in mind. Although once you worked through the caveats, they ran pretty well.

Desyncs are the most common cause of crashes these days, and that is HW2 luggage.