Did Gearbox learn nothing from the beta?

Ambra is till ridiculous and el dragon is unstoppable. This is getting absurd, I have yet to see a game with these characters where they did not dominate. I bet Galilea is still disgustingly powerful…


I played few rounds with Rath yesterday… He’s still wrecking machine too :smiley:


They all have a counter…

Just wondering, what character were you playing with?

I play with a bunch of different characters. Sure they all have a counter in some manner, but some are more difficult to counter than others…

Ambra doesn’t have a counter. You stun her, take her down to 30% health-> overshield + speed boost. ■■■■ that. ■■■■ that so ■■■■■■■ hard. That has got to be the stupidest goddamn idea I’ve ever seen for a “medic”. She does way too much damage. She should do no damage since she’s basically unkillable.

Well no worries Ambra was nerfed again in todays patch, El Dragon i never had a big problem with. I wonder if his nerf from beta is still in place? I wish i actually new what developers were doing to characters in between beta and the release.

Ambra is a lot more fine and Slow is actually effective on her thanks to the MS bonus nerf to 30% instead of 60%.

Leaving Galiea as is though…

Yes because we totally know who the enemy team is using so we can counter pick ahead of the time… NOT.

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El dragon is so easy to kill for a big guy with a massive body he build like tissue paper
ambra needs her staff to only be doing damage if shes pointing it at you and reduce her helix that gives her speed boost down to 30 percent instead of 60

And Caldarius is still awesome :sunglasses:


Nahhh Ambras little damage beam is definetly “Meh” now, not even a little scary anymore imo. Sir Dragon is squishy as hell now, deny him his late game and hes pretty much a suicide bomber.

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After playing all day today and last night along with the Beta, I can conclude Rath is overpowered.


Come back in a week when people will have some understanding how this game and specific characters work.

If countering a champ is completely avoiding them, or never being able to kill them or only can engage in one form, then no the character is NOT balanced. Ambra cannot be dueled, i’ve seen her take montanna’s , raths, el dragons, and pretty much anyone that engages her without two other team mates pushing her into some type of zone. Pretty much ambra walks to a spot on the map and she keeps it- FOREVER- like right before your sentry in incursion or maybe point a or B in domination, or at your healing station in meltdown. I used ambra and it was just disgusting how overpowered and unchallenging it was to use her. I thought i felt guilty using miko well you can actually kill miko, ambra just pops a shield and either kills you or runs away. So no not even close to balance. There are a few other characters i’d mention but i’ve wasted enough on ambra.

Actually I find the balance almost perfect.

Ambra is very killable. Her shield may kick on, but it’s not like it’s a second health bar. It’s weak. Rath seems less terrifying now too.

Gotta say Gearbox must have learned a lot from beta. I had serious issues with Rath, as I’ve posted about in these forums. Now, I can honestly admit, he’s mortal. As is Ambra.

Great job guys! Game is a ton of fun. And I’m still getting my butt kicked, but I also am a terrible player. :stuck_out_tongue:

P.S. Caldarius is playable now!!!


Caldarius has been playable sense beta his kit has fantastic wave clear and lane pressure right out the gate

Nah open beta he did way less damage. He’s pulling normal numbers now and I’m super rusty if anything.

Kit was always awesome, but with his tmp hitting like a BB gun he was useless. Now he can build on his tmp and kill stuff or build on his blade. Super fun.

I know how his tmp was at beta he was still good even with less dmg out the gate using his core tools

I didn’t see any changes to rath in the change log at all. What specifically does everyone think is better about him? He seems to be the same as he was in beta, which is fine of course.

The last rath I played against went 21-1. Though to be fair the next one went 1-6 but it seems to me that a competent player can burst way too fast with him. A nerf on his HP to emphasize risk/reward may be nice. Or just outright balancing that spinning attack of his.

People who play melee characters are the only ones who say they don’t need a nerf, in my experience. I had a friend to hated Phoebe, and then he played her a few times went 20 0 and 23 0 and so on… Then said “she’s not OP”. Literally all of the melees are too strong. I’m blown away that people don’t see this. Galilea is still insane, rath is insane, and so is phoebe. They take fucktons of dmg, move faster than most, and deal more dmg than anyone else. They also require virtually no strategy or thought. It’s just W + M1. Rath is literally hold mouse1 or 2 down. Dragon is mouse 2 for his clap attack. Fun times.