Did Gearbox lie about Fl4k or am I missing something?

According to GB you can freely choose what action skill and pet you want to use, until you realize you can’t upgrade either if you spec in the wrong tree. I just tried out the skill tree and chose the jabber and the rykk/rakk pet and action skill. I focused on the pet tree under the skag pet and after unlocking relevant tiers tried to upgrade the pet and action skill under a different tree, only to find out I couldn’t.

Am I missing something like maybe a level toggle to allow the upgrade of the respective pet and action skill augments? I am seriously hoping they did not make the claim of freely utilizing the combo you want to only require you to place points in their respective trees to unlock the appropriate augments. I am hoping they are level gated and not tree gated.

Sad that it is tree locked. Hopefully the pets and action skills scale regardless of the augments.

Thank you for the heads up.

It’s quite feasible to mix and match if you’re not trying to rush down to a capstone. Here, this is a theoretical midgame skilltree for Fl4k that aims for a high dps fade away with an auto weapon or w/e, just enough to get Lick the Wounds for solo too.

I don’t mind the pets being locked behind the tree advancement, I just wish we could adapt the skill - that feels like it’s limiting for no real reason, but it’s a developer choice.

I hope that one of the “sideways” progressions of characters (since Randy made it clear he’d rather expand on current characters v creating new ones - which I agree with) is to allow us to have access to these unlocks regardless of what tree we go down.

Since the tree unlocks themselves aren’t specific to pets or trees, Gearbox should consider moving these kinds of upgrades to a more RPG in-game element where you have to do series of quests to upgrade/unlock new upgrades. Using the skill tree to do that feels like a 2005 system. Bleh.

Again, however, devs have an idea of how the game is supposed to be played, so I hope when they see how the game is actually played that they adapt to players instead of trying to force players into certain things. Worry less about balance and more about fun (the other way ruins every game I’ve ever played and completely destroyed my interested in Gaige in BL2, so).