Did Gearbox Lie To Us?

I thought that the Maliwan Takedown was supposed to change to not be locked for 4 player difficulty if you go in solo (for a limited time) … Doesn’t seem to be changed at all and I feel suckered into playing it again (while impossible for solo play) … I absolutely HATE the takedown but want to obtain some weapons that only drop in that poop stained area. Are they going to allow solo players to have a chance or just keep it unplayable?

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We were advised the scaling was prosponed (how do you spell that!?) to a later date due to technical difficulties


It was postponed, no update yet so you need to wait.


Oh ok … That’s understandable. I just wasn’t aware of the pushback on it. Thanks.

I don’t use Twatter or social media.

They did announce that event was postponed. You can get most of the guns and sheilds if you run it in non mayhem mode or M1. Most groups you hook up with can finish now in my experience

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It was also mentioned many times here on forum in News section. Keep an eye on in if you want to be up to date.

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You may have not known because it was only announced on Twitter, I mean it’s not as though they have an official forum or anything…


Lulzies. That was a little weird. It’s like, “Hey guys, huddle up! Where do most of our hardcore fans and community members hang out? Make sure not to put the important news about the game in that place. Break!”


jan 16 to jan 30



Awesome. Thank you!!!

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Kudos to you for asking how to spell it! :slight_smile:


“Necessary” and “postponed”

Get me all the time. I was born ~1980

Eye kno engrish reel gud!

Also I have news for y’all;


Lol yea. It was a community member who finally said something about it in the general discussion group.

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Soloed with Moze on normal and M1. Not impossible.

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I guess I should have been more specific … Meaning soloing on M4 for the M4 only drops.

Ohhh, yeah. Well it’s 4 person content. There is always an exploit for running with an advantage. Someone will find it. I think it will be fun to see what it’s like for it to have the difficulty turned down. It’s supposed to happen the 16th - the 30th fyi.

I normally play solo but I have played with others and my online experience when playing co-op is not very good due to the dreadful lag, especially when going into my inventory. Not to mention that I can’t pause and most players don’t use mics to communicate.

Oh I hate playing multiplayer. I don’t get a decent group most of the time. Or people leave, just cause.


Only available for two weeks. I find that odd. We had to endure skulls for months, and now something I may want to do, I probably won’t have time for. Maybe if it’s popular they’ll extend it?? Who knows, I find this decision kind of baffling, especially if it scales. Nothing will change for co-op players, and solo players can get in on the fun. Solo players like me that don’t have the skills to do it as it now stands.

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Probably listened to the community about the skulls for months lol