Did Gearbox nerf XP?

I’m feeling general frustration with this game and just want to vent for a minute, give or take 30. Sorry if I offend anyone…

I am a Pre-Order player and started playing on 9/13. My first play through was couch co-op on Xbox One as Amara and I think it went pretty well. My only point of frustration with that was that we were trying to enjoy the content and story line, so we missed out on most of the Borderlands Anniversary Celebration event content because we were still very low level at the time and not that far into the game. Some people have to work, Lol. After we completed the first play through we were about level 45 and it didn’t take long into TVHM before we reached level 50 and started farming bosses on M1 for better gear. I kept finding lots of gear for other characters so I decided I wanted to do a solo run as Moze.

A few weeks ago I completed my second play through (first solo play) as Moze and was about level 43 or 44 when I completed the game. I started TVHM and within a few mission completions I was at level 50. I don’t even think I made it to Sanctuary III before it happened, but if I did it certainly didn’t take long after that. I’ve since geared that character pretty well and I’m running a few bosses on M3 solo without any issues.

Then I started another play through as FL4K playing couch co-op. When we completed the first play through we were around level 37 or 38. I figured this was because we ran past some content to speed up the process of getting to TVHM so we could level faster. However, we’ve just completed beating Traunt in TVHM with M3 turned on and are still at level 43. Did we get a big XP NERF in there somewhere?

Note: I stopped and beat Chupacabratch quite a few times on M3 and now my FL4K is at level 45, but leveling feels extremely slow now. At this rate it might be 2021 before I get a Zane to level 50!

Other points of frustration:

  1. The text is still extremely difficult to read, which has been an issue since day 1.

  2. Menus and things are still extremely sluggish on the Xbox One and almost every time we load into a new area and start moving the whole thing freezes up for a few seconds. We also have to wait for what seems like an eternity for maps and other things to show up as well as getting access to the maps menu to see what Mayhem modifiers are in play. Either player opening a menu makes the other players game go wonky and can cause bad things to happen (getting shot without being able to move or react, falling off of ledges, failure to accept inputs when marking favorites or junk, etc).

Note: I shut my Xbox One completely down (Maximum power saving mode) between every play session. I also force clear the cache just about every day to make sure I’m not experiencing any cache related issues.

  1. I’m experiencing issues with getting into Iron Bear way too often. Sometimes I smash the left bumper and nothing happens while other times I get a notification there’s not enough room. Seriously, not enough room because I’m on steps? Now I understand Claptrap’s frustration! ROFL! Please add a patch at some point to allow Moze to enter Iron Bear no matter what. There shouldn’t be a limit on when this action skill works. When triggered, Iron Bear should spawn at the closest acceptable location and you should enter it the first time without issue.

TL;DR – Did the game get an XP nerf? If so, why, and how about fixing the issues and stop nerfing the fun out of it.

And a very BIG “Thank You” to Gearbox for all of their hard work on this game. I’m trying to be patient and hopeful at the same time. Gamers just want to have fun!

no, the XP for fights is just so low :wink:

want to level up? do misions (especialy the start of the game ones…)

unlike in BL2, i don’t realy want to replay the story again… but you have to because of the huge XP gap between quests and battle

In Borderlands games, you’ve always received the most XP from clearing missions. Combat XP depends on your character level relative to the target (amongst other factors) - if you’re over-levelled, you’ll get far less XP than if you’re under-levelled. This also means that the mode (cooperation versus coopetition) will make a difference to the amount of XP when playing co-op, since the enemy scaling is different between them. Finally, when playing co-op you’ll noticed that the person getting the kill gains more XP than the rest of the party. So if you have one particularly OP character build in your party getting most of the kills, they’ll get more out of it.

I am doing missions. That is how we made it to Athenas and beat Captain Traunt on TVHM in Mayhem 3.
Like I said, when I played as Moze I felt like I leveled up rather quickly after starting TVHM. Now it really feels like a grind and I’ve finished EVERY story mission as well as most of the side missions between starting TVHM and completing Traunt. I even have a Moxi’s Endowment on with +5% combat XP.

With the patch that included maliwan takedown the xp has been lowered, even to offline mode; so yes it will seem to take longer because it literally is longer

Theres a good chance the original values are still there if you reinstall the game w/o patches and hotfix’s; but thats more effort than its worth

Thank you for the feedback. We’ve been playing some of both between cooperation and coopetition. For instance, we couldn’t beat a boss or two because we were under-leveled so we dropped out of the game and came back in in cooperation with one of our level 50 characters as the secondary. This helped get some better loot so we could get back to it with our missions in cooperation mode. I’m still chugging along and finally got to level 46. Ugh…

I thought the point of Mayhem mode was to bring things up to your level so you aren’t over-leveled and therefore get more XP?

Thank you, that’s kind of what I was looking for. Is there anything official saying they lowered the XP?

I agree a re-install is way more effort than it is worth. I have the all digital edition and that would be a massive download I would like to avoid. I just wish it did not feel like I am crawling uphill in knee deep mud just trying to get a character to level 50 so I can start the next one.

Thanks again!

There’s two things there: the XP scaling based on Mayhem level, and the difference between player and character level. So, not a simple calculation! I’m also not clear on whether mission rewards get an XP boost in mayhem mode or not. There was a change to XP scaling in mayhem modes quite a few update ago, so that may also have influenced things. It should be listed in the patch notes on the support page if you wanted the specifics, but you’d have to work back through the various updates to find the details.

Here’s the PC version - will mostly be the same on XB1 and PS4:

The original xp change was around the 30 day patch; the change to offline xp was included when mayhem 4 was introduced - i have no idea of the numbers but it was a large difference - not reflected in the mission xp as now leveling up my Amara im at the same level at the same point in the game (level 14 after defeating katagawa)
So i believe it was only introduced to deter powerleveling through slaughter circles

You can still power level with Cistern of Slaughter, just complete a couple of the bonus objectives (100k an objective at level 50, somewhat less the lower your level) and you will find that you get a level or two doing the circle on zero mayhem and then another 2 levels on quest completion.

Its still different; as it is now is like powerleveling bl2 through pyro petes bar. Whereas before; i tested it - 7 rounds w/o the extra objectives was able to level a mule from level 1 to 39 (@ cistern - offline + before beam grenade change)

It was well after the 30 day patch when I started my second play through as Moze. She just seemed to level much faster…

I’ve never done any of the off-line stuff to try and get extra XP so patches to that would not affect how this feels to me. I’m the guy that always got to the character screen and waited like 2 minutes just to make sure any hotfixes and such were applied before starting the game because my co-op partner lost her bank twice within the first week. Now I really don’t mess with that stuff because I’ve got two level 50’s and one level 46 I really don’t want to take a chance on breaking. Not to mention all of the loot I’ve got.

Could it be you just get more XP for missions and such if playing solo?

Thank you for the information.

Thank you for the information. Maybe we’ll try the Cistern of Slaughter and see if that helps.

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After reading reports on bank / character wipes, ive made a habbit of creating my own backups (usb and cloud); with the mayhem 4 patch my bank got corrupted; but i had no issue as i had created backups. Currently only xbox users dont get this ability
Also, i am unsure of the difference between solo/ coop as i normally only play solo so i can’t help in that regard

I believe the Cistern experience bonus only works when playing solo. I tried playing with an IRL friend and got only 19k for beating it with all objectives. Then he left my lobby did another one and got the expected experience I described above. My game is also running with hotfix applied and connected to the cloud, so I don’t know why it treats solo and coop differently.

Aside from this experience discrepancy, you normally make more exp when in coop from the monsters giving more on death and most quests being no different in their experience payout based on number of bonus objectives complete.

i almost always hit cap around THVM eden 6. you probably just know the content better so you go quicker, kill less things, less sidequests, etc. ive leveled 4 characters and my rate is around the same, recently as well.

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Has there been a more recent xp nerf? I was running alts through Maliwan Takedown just after the Broken Hearts event when live and they were hitting the cap in about 3 run. I tried to top off a different alt starting at the mid 30s and after two run they only hit mid-40s. It feels like there’s less xp gained (at least for lowbies) than before.

Has anyone else noticed a decrease in xp for underleveled characters, in high-level areas?

The last hotfix did adjust the level requirements for certain of the later maps so that players didn’t end up horribly over-levelled, but that was basically map scaling not XP. Actual XP gain depends on level difference - the more underlevelled a character, the more XP they should earn all other things being equal. That said, if these alts are on a second account, check which mode you’re in - coopetition or cooperation. I believe you’d want to maximize the XP gain of an alt brought in to your main character’s game?

I use cooperative mostly. I did some early testing with coopetition and it didn’t seem to garner that much more xp, and wasn’t worth losing access to the LLM.

I don’t have proof, because I find it difficult to track xp gains on Xbox. I suspect that when they added True Takedown Mode, they changed the xp gains, intentionally or not. That’s the only change to the game that I can see as having an effect. My setting are the same as during the Broken Hearts event.

It has been about a week since I even played BL3… The last character I leveled was about three weeks ago.
I did it by doing split screen on the Xbox One using Coopetition with the new character as the primary and my level 53 as the secondary. I connected the first controller to the Xbox via a cable so it wouldn’t go to sleep and just ran through the game destroying everything with the level 53. After I completed the first play through I swapped the characters. Then I went in with my level 53 character as the primary and repeatedly beat Graveward over and over in M4 while the second character was wearing a Moxxi’s Endowment. I think the second character was getting another level about every 4th kill or so until around level 47 when things slowed down. I could be wrong about the kills versus levels, but it didn’t seem like it took too long to get the characters to level 53.
My level 53 character was a crit-swap FL4K with an 18 pellet Bangstick and a 384% Crit Unforgiven.