Did Gearbox Quietly Introduce A New Lore Thread & Timeline?

I was wondering if there was a way to connect some of the disparate story elements that were introduced. One visual cue and mechanic that I took for granted is potentially more significant that I realized.

In Fight For Sanctuary the New Pandoran Army, Hector’s Dahl forces, are exposed to spores in the form of a yellow gas, that when exposed to it, causes our characters to grow stronger in combat until it eventually starts to harm us. At its worst it mutates people who are exposed into plant infused rage monsters. Hector’s forces were mining long enough ago that Dahl was still in power on Pandora to who Hector delivered the first Vault key, which places these events before Borderlands one. This infectious flora sprung from with the depths of Pandora.

In Bounty of Blood Oletta the Crone, a former Jakobs researcher introduces us to some of the flora that was used to control beasts on Gehenna as part of the experimentation the did. It’s not clear if the flora was native to Gehenna. The Vault Hunter uses it to control the Belliks and get them to fight each other. The time frame of the Flora experimentation appears to be in Oletta’s lifetime as she worked in the Jakobs facility doing the research with Butcher Rose’s grandmother.

In Fantastic Fustercluck we find out that Hyperion was experimenting with a yellow gas to turn civilians into super soldiers, so to speak. Instead it drove them made and made them hyper aggressive. It was then decided it would be deployed to destabilize populations before invading them, and abandoned. This yellow gas’s origin is not disclosed, and the timeline suggests that Krieg’s torture and transformation took place on Pandora during Hyperion’s occupation, so between the Pre-sequel and BL2.

There have been psychos on Pandora dating back to when Dahl pulled out. They would have also have already gotten the Vault key from Hector, and Hector’s men had become trapped, which is when it is implied they were exposed to the spores at length.

Having said that, the implication so far is that there are three different yellow gases that enrage /or power up animal life. Is it actually one spore that has been experimented with by multiple companies over time?

In one case the plants that create it seem to be native to Pandora, that entire planet being a construct surrounding a trapped Vault Monster and an Eridium shell.

In another similar spores come from genetically engineered flora that Jakobs experimented with in the past and abandoned. Side note: Eden-6 had a secret vault with a giant plant based Vault Monster in it.

Jack’s portrait hangs in the Jakobs Estate and he is in his Hyperion attire, implying he had a relationship with the family, possibly personal and professional earlier in his life.

Hyperion eventually tries to weaponize a yellow gas for military purposes and creates psychos. You could make the case that they were inspired by the Dahl Lost Legion on Helios who inhaled a gas that transformed them into Ascended and Eternal forms, not unlike Seraph Guardians and Ascended COV.

Here’s a possible workflow for this spore:






The timeline is the tricky thing, but it’s entirely possible that multiple corporations came across the spores over time during their mining operations independent of each other as they did the Vaults, and multiple corporations were on the same planets at once before, during, and after the corporate wars.


I still deeply believe she is Rose’s grandmother

I thought so too, but in another thread I linked back to the dialogue/ echo from the Obsidian Forest where she and Rose meet, and Oletta directly refers to her Grandmother as someone she worked with. Oletta is curmudgeonly but she doesn’t seem unstable. Digging that up pushed me to thinking they weren’t one and the same. Also the quip about Rose’s B. O. was a nice tie-in to the this lore. Let me link that post as it also ties into this in how it relates to Rose’s unique abilities with Beasts…

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I think Hector’s crew is just a Doom reference.

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My including them is more about the spores and the time frame it establishes for when they were mining in the area where the spores could have been discovered. I’m not saying they’re significant in other regard than what the spores did to them.

Or a Flood reference. Or both.

Jack’s portrait hangs in the Jakobs Estate and he is in his Hyperion attire, implying he had a relationship with the family, possibly personal and professional earlier in his life.

Will add that the relationship was almost certainly personal, considering the portrait in question is actually of him and his pregnant wife, whose face was conveniently destroyed.

Interesting implication that Angel was likely related to the Jakobs family, probably on her mother’s side.

As for the rest, I can’t believe I never noticed how some sort of yellow gas/spore seems to be a recurring theme throughout the story. It could be coincidental, but the fact that it’s popped up this many times leaves room for thought.


I was being open ended because it crossed my mind that I didn’t know Jack’s last name, or if Jack was his name in reality. Tassiter calls him John so many times, and JFK was know as both John & Jack Kennedy. So his dad not being around (he said so in TPS) could be for many reasons, one being he was off world doing his thing with Jakobs.

The vandalism of the portrait me think initially that Aurelia might have done it out of envy/ jealousy going back to the Presequel.

If not Aurelia, then Wainwright or Montgomery did the vandalism prior to Aurelia because it was someone who betrayed the family.

Or maybe, just maybe, the bandits did it, because they used to worship Jack, and didn’t have any love for his wife and child.

It’s a good conversation piece.

Isn’t that the same portrait that was hiding the entrance to the Angel area in Tannis’ lab-hideout in Konrad’s hold? Also identically defaced?

It’s exactly the same.


Thanks for the confirmation. So, re-used asset. But from a story perspective, why? Curious…

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Though it’s a reused asset, doing so twice in canon could be used to indicate that Bandits are responsible for the vandalism, under the direction of the Calypsos, or, given some worshiped Jack circa BL2, his own decree. Jack did kill anyone who made mention of his wife after all.

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Man I was already so confused about the timelines in Borderlands and now you had to go add to it! :crazy_face: I need them to start listing historic dates like they did in Battleborn when I could just go check Lowlines’ site as a guide.


Don’t worry, the writers are just as confused as you are.

Sorry, that was a bit harsh, but I couldn’t keep it.