Did Gearbox Quietly Introduce A New Lore Thread & Timeline?

Wait… so are you suggesting that Tannis is Angel’s mother? because the woman in the picture was clearly pregnant.

There’s also a hint the gas might be sentient, or at least alive. Dr. Benedict in one echo comments how the subjects developed the same delusions even when kept separate (implying some sort hive-mind perhaps?)


Vauthalla is meant to represent that connected drive and delusions, with the Psychoreaver being the manifestation of that singular collective focus. We may be seeing how Krieg personifies it and the face of the the Psychoreaver varies with each person, but the ideas that:

The gas is derived from Flora that has been influenced by Vault Radiation/ a Vault Creature.
The gas is manifesting a corrupting or maddening influence on people who have been exposed to it.
The gas is connecting those exposed to it to a residual mental link to the source of their madness.

All of that does make sense with the bits of lore we have. Psychoreaver being a mental projection of the Destroyer’s influence transferred through the constituents of the gas works for me at least.

Thats the idea, yeah. Tannis said her powers were ‘a gift from a guardian angel’. Why would Angel pass her powers to Tannis specifically otherwise? She would seem an unlikely choice without a connection and far too coincidental to have passed randomly. Could be Angels way of atoning; helping protect her after nearly killing her.

Could Tannis be a Jakobs? Montgomery would have known who she was but he makes no indication one way or another.


Well, Angel would have been well aware of Tannis since she tracked the Vault Hunters and Key, and Tannis was part of that.

The Presequel Set it up so that Jack had a personal reason to hate Lilith, Roland, and Moxxi, and also have knowledge of the Vault of the Warrior, but Angel’s spying would be the in-game reason he knew about Tannis having the Vault Key. It’s highly likely she knew of Tannis’s torture and everything she revealed during it. Angel would know that Tannis was the person with the most knowledge on Vaults, Sirens, and Eridians, on Pandora. She also knew Tannis wanted to stop her father, those would be the best motivation she would have for giving her powers to anyone she’d encountered.

I do doubt Angel knew she could, and Tannis and Lilith managed to Harness her powers from whatever Jack had used to restrain them.


related convo helped me flesh out an aspect of the potential timeline: