Did Handsme Jack Die or put on a show?

So I’ve been thinking about this for a while but what if jack didn’t die and he’s still controlling Hyperion in secrecy. Since obliviously Hyperion owns new u what if he just waited for us to leave then spawned and instantly teleported to the Hyperion moon base. The reason I think this is because in some places loaders still fire and his body isn’t at the Warrior area anymore so something must have happened. I don’t know if anybody has evidence saying this is clearly impossible or not? I would like to see what you guys think.

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This implies other people can’t fire loaders

Lilith, Brick and Mordecai could’ve done something with his body after the player left the vault

True but there alsos another thing what if it was just a body double he must’ve had hundreds of them and he’s in hiding somewhere

Wouldn’t they say if they did something with the body?

Yeah, you don’t leave loose ends with someone like Jack. Plus, since they presumably would have known about Nakayama’s whole genetic engineering thing (TPS & Hammerlock), they would have made sure they didn’t leave anything for him to use that he didn’t already have.

What if his body was already saved to regen into a computer form or something

Did you play the Hammerlock DLC to the end? That tells you all you need to know about what Nakayama had and what he was able to do with it. Actually, not that bad for a plant biologist…

Yeah I played the dlc and yeah he had some decent tuff but in tps there the handsome jack bot what if the shows up in the next borderlands?

Don’t know - that was apparently inserted in a nod to something from Tales from the Borderlands, but I don’t have that.

Same I don’t have tales either never plan to either

What I forgot to add to the main post my whole reasoning for posting that was because all the bosses respawn they must be registered to the new you and obliviously jack would he owns Hyperion

New-Us aren’t cannon, they’re a game mechanic.

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Cannon? What does that mean sorry if im being dumb or something

Cannon is a universe’s lore. New-U’s are not an official part of the lore. If someone dies, they’re dead… Jack included. The respawning bosses is just a game mechanic to get loot.

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But im viewing the borderlands series deeper as if it wasn’t a game and more than likely he would have been registered

Like I said, New-U’s don’t exist in the game’s lore, it’s just a gameplay mechanic. Otherwise, why would he let the VHs who killed his daughter stay into the system?

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The system could have been overridden by Lilith or somebody and why are new us part of the lor they’ve been in every game and are kinda essential for the game to be borderlands

They are not canon because Anthony Burch (the lead writer of BL2) needed to explain why Roland and Jack don’t respawn through the New-U system.

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Ok true but he could still be in a computer form programmed by nakayama

He is… In Tales from the Borderlands…

I wish I knew how to apply spoiler tags.