Did Handsome Jackpot/ TPS continuity error?

So both have been out for some time but for those who have not player both I figured I would air on the side of caution.

In TPS Timothy, Jack’s body double is finally finished and then sent to assist jack on Helios. Tim meets Moxxi for the first time on Elpis. He remarks “are you sure we are not still dating?” She remarks back that she knows a body double from the real thing. So by the time Tim meets Moxxi Jack and Moxxi had broken up and Moxxi was now plotting to kill Jack fearing for her home planets safety.

Fast forward 10+ years to Borderlands 3.

Timothy is trapped in the Handsome Jackpot, Handsome Jack’s casino. Tim refers to a time he went on a date with Moxxi on Jack’s orders. He exclaimed this was the best night of his life and so on. Tim is caught between is desire to leave Jack behind and a woman he fell head over heels for. He had a few moments of conflict which lead to some solid character building.

This issue is they are built on events that can’t have transpired based on the prior timeline of TPS which is considered canonical.

Tim meets Moxxi post breakup with Jack. Moxxi makes an attempt on Jack’s life and she outwardly acknowledges her alliance with Lilith and Roland. Lilith then makes a second very poor attempt on Jack’s life scaring him and finishing his gradual transformation in to a psychopath. It is at this point Moxxi is a target of Jack and thus why she moves to Sanctuary to escape Hyperion.

I am very interested to see what the story guys like Randy Varnell would think of this. To be fair this is a deep dig. It is not something the majority of fans will notice so it doesn’t really do anything awful to ether games experience. Handsome Jackpot is still a fantastic DLC with a ton of great character and great performances.

Realistically the only way I can think or justifying it is considering Timothy’s inclusion in BLTPS non canon. Personally it is hard for me to do that with that being our history with the character and the reason for being nostalgic about his return in BL3. But being realistic is the only way you can consider both TPS and Handsom jackpot canon without a continuity break.


Timothy did mention the Helios incident during Jackpot DLC.
For me it’s just bad approach of changing what was already in the game. They did the same in base game with Tannis and Typhon for example.


I noticed too and mentioned it in a thread a while back. There’s at least one more in that DLC but I forget what it was.

BL3 messed the lore up beyond repair. I mean, look at DLC 4.

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My guess is that Jack asked Timothy to privately go out with Moxxi during the events of the Pre-Sequel (for example, imagine that he didn’t go with the other five vault hunters to kill RedBelly, but had the date instead, and rejoined them afterwards). I don’t know if that’s how they’d explain it, but it’s my headcanon.

Unless we killed Timothy at the end of BL2, and “Timothy” in BL3 is actually Handsome Jack pretending to be Timothy. :wink:


Yup. I mentioned that suspicion when Hand. Jackpot came out and still believe it.

“Timothy”'s skipping departure (as well as other things) at the end of the DLC seem like Jack just saying Hah, pulled it over on them all!


How would that work? Jack wouldn’t let Timothy anywhere near that warrior for the life of him and besides, it’s not like Hyperion immediately fell apart after his supposed death, so he would have no reason not to reclaim his seat as the Hyperion CEO immediately.

I know people like the story of TPS, but I’m gonna be real, I think Jack as a character works significantly better without something trying to justify his mania through context. Bl2 Jack most definitely wasn’t written with TPS Jack in mind.


I agree with your skepticism in regards to the whole Jack being alive conspiracy, but I disagree with this statement:

To quote Scott Kester from the Inside the Vault art book: “We wanted him [Jack] to feel like the main character of another game that has never come out, the hero of some other story”. To me, it sounds like the idea of a pre-sequel was on their minds since before BL2 launched.

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I guess this is what happens when you get so many different groups of people working on interconnected stories. As a World of Warcraft player I have sort of accepted that they write the story to fit the current narrative rather then to fit what was once a rich gold mine of lore to explore and expand.