Did I choose wrong first toon?

Started Maya as my first character, running a level70 at the moment legendary cat/siren. Really want the Florentine but even though people say Pete is easy I’m having a difficult time. Any particular gear I should farm first for raid bosses?

I know of the sandhawk and bee but I outleveled those items so would have to reset uvhm.
Got a fire pimp for tinder to farm train.

Gear I have now is:
Blue Adaptive shield 45% resist
Legendary cat com
Legendary siren com
All elemental bone relics
Level 70 Lascuask SMG(froatburn)
Level 70 corrosive Hyperion thinking shottie
Level66 fire Dandy Pimp
Level68 fire topnea
Level70 skullmasher
Level66 homing slag singularity

Build: http://bl2skills.com/siren.html#415001300014055005514550510501
Currently farming LLMs at WEP and tubbies in the slaughter dome.

Would hate to have to start over a new character any advice on gear easily farmable to kill any seraph guardian for seraph crystals would be great.

First off, Pete is easy, but you have to learn the fight first. There is a slight learning curve when it comes to beating him, but once you learn it he becomes very easy to defeat. I would suggest looking at vids on YouTube or here on the forum Time Trials to see what you need to be doing.

When it comes to fighting him, the Bee and Sandhawk combo is by far the easiest way to wreck him. You don’t need to reset UVHM to get a new Bee Shield. You just need to have the mission completed to farm Hunter Hellquist over and over until you get a new Bee. Or you can farm the Treeants in the Forest for The Tiny Tina dlc if you have it.

As for the Sandhawk, assuming you don’t have a Fire or Corrosive version, it doesn’t matter really what level it is. The Bee will be doing almost all of the damage anyways. The Sandhawk is just the delivery system. You can survive with an underleveled Sandhawk for this fight.

Legendary Cat class mod also helps. Legendary Siren is great as well. You could easily get away with running a blue or purple Cat mod as well though.

An AoE grenade for the Spiderants is great. Vladof grenades are great for this or a Quasar if you’re lucky enough to have found one.

Hope this helps.

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I’m going to second @Jimmy_cornflower’s comment about the Bee. You can do the fight without a Bee shield, but it takes forever and increases the chance of dying due to a mistake (especially if you run out of ammo and have to hit the Hyperion ammo crates).

Looking at your build, I would consider taking your points out of Life Tap and putting them elsewhere (maybe Mind’s Eye for the critical hit boost?). Kill skills aren’t going to be as useful against Pete, since you want to avoid using the valves to spawn spiderants too much as they’ll out-level you in the end.

This is my current Maya build, although it’s level 72 and more for mobbing still:

Just about to hit level72 and on chapter 6 on a fresh uvhm run, it’s a quick main story easy to rush and even solo it’s stupid easy. But is bee/hawk the only guaranteed method for raids? Bee shield easy to get but that sandhawk with right element or prefix is annoying to farm, which is a second question unless it’s gibbed how do people have multiple sandhawks? Do they just reset uvhm every time?

Thanks for the feedback.

Yes. That and swap between characters using Clappy’s stash.

It’s all about dodging the novas. Make sure you time them, so you’re able to hide behind cover when they hit. Should you still take a hit, make sure you turn the valve where the spiderants spawn. The reason for this is that ants don’t have guns, while rats do.

Many of Maya’s skills will not activate since you can’t PL Pete, and hopefully, you won’t have to PL the ants very often. So a different build for Pete might be called for. Take a look at this.

Good luck!