Did I complete DP?

So I have been levelling up DP for all characters and Axton has been difficult mainly because of Surveyors. Anyway, have been killed in the last mob a few times, got careless once with OMGWTH…but finally killed the last boss and grabbed the pearl when the game crashed. Ive done it before with glitches and exploits but I wanted to run DP with no exploits so I did not actually complete the run in the strict sense…but I did kill everything left to kill. Can I finally put the character to rest now or am I doomed to do attempt this run again.

I’ll say yes.

You have to make sure the first time wasn’t a fluke.

since the increases in OP levels are achieved with the death of OMGWTH I’ll say it counts. that’s really the end

I mean unless you’re really intent upon getting that purple quest reward gun