Did I encounter some sort of game breaking bug?

So I bought Borderlands 2 at EB Games (Canadian GameStop) since it was cheap and I haven’t played in something like over 2 years (even though I love it).

Anyway, playing Salvador, I’m on the mission where you need to stop the train to steal the key. Problem is; when I bomb the train and try to enter into ‘End of the Line’ where Wilhelm is, the loading screen is there for about 30 seconds before it just totally freezes up. I’ve tried cleaning the disc and even blowing the dust out of my PS3 (even though all my other discs seem to work).

Has anyone else experienced something like this? Thanks to any advice!

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Take a very careful look at the game disk. Good chance there’s a flaw in the area containing the data for that particular map. Did you take the coverage on the disk, or use an Edge card on the purchase? Might want to take it back and tell them the disk won’t read part of the game data. My local EB Games has been good about that sort of stuff.


Yah I was thinking about going back to return it (hopefully for another copy because I just really want to play this game). I just wanted to see if the community knew anything about this. I might try a speed run with another character to see if I can get them past that same point.

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Yah it’s some disc error. Just reached that part with Kreig and I can;t get there with him either.

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