Did I made a mistake?

So I redeemed all gold weapons from the Pre Order and VIP etc etc… but they all are lvl 8 (my actual lvl) or lvl 10. So quick question: Did I made an awful mistake by redeeming ALL the weapons at this low lvl?
Just wondering if I should’ve waited and redeem them at lvl 40 or something :disappointed_relieved:

pd: sorry for bad english

That’s a really good question that I hope somebody has an answer for. I know I’ll be waiting not to redeem mine until I good ways into the game. I fell asleep shorting after picking FL4K and following claptrap around.

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I Think its fine, the shield that give xp boost is up to lvl 11 then its jsut a normal shield.
The skins is allways there.
And the weapons is more like toys. :slight_smile: plenty more to find out there !

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The gold is skins, it can be applied to any weapon throughout the game
I’m not sure if all those guns were intended to scale but my pack guns are levels 10 and 12, I’m currently at 5
It is a mistake to redeem them before getting to Sanctuary 3 and your storage as they are wasting bag space that could be filled with vendortrash


The VIP weapons are level 10, but i’m not sure on the Legendary Maliwan weapon.

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Good point, thanks

Correct. I checked in-game mail and mine were there. Just reached level 10 and they’ll be obsolete in less than an hour. It’d be nice if we had the ability to level up some weapons, but I agree with most of you, with 50 gazillion weapons there’s really no point in having the pre-order weapons at all. Don’t get me wrong I’m gunna enjoy them for however long they last but when we have soooooo many weapons its not as important.