Did I miss something or is pendles passive a bit useless?

So pendles passive corner sneak how is that helpful? Your invisible as long as now one can see you ok lol. How bout as long as you are not using any form of attack you get 1000 percent attack damage

i’m pretty sure if you cant be seen you go invisible and stay that way possibly for some period of time or until you attack

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I can see this being hugely helpful. Just head somewhere where the enemy can’t see you (it won’t matter if your team mates can see you). You’ll then go invisible. After that you can do things like:

  • Sneak around the back of an enemy and attack them
  • Sneak into the opposition’s base and take out the turret next to the health station (Overgrowth).
  • Sneak into the enemy’s area and steal shards (both small and large)

and so on…

In the above you will become visible as soon as you attack, however you can hopefully get out of line of sight again or use Smoke Bomb to go invisible and then sneak away again.

With this sneaky cloaking ability, Pendles is going to be one to watch - or not, as the case may be. :wink:


He sneks. Issssss good.


Does it count if enemy npc sees you also sounds like he will be best at late game

I’d imagine that enemy NPCs would count, so you’d have to be out of sight of them too to cloak again (or use the Smoke Bomb).

I am going to practice him a lot tomorrow before I go into pvp and suck with him

You don’t want to cloak where people can see you, because that would be like Oscar/Shayne/Deande, and people could then have a rough guesstimate of where you might be. Keen-eyed people might even be able to still detect you, if he has the same shimmer effect that the others do.

His passive puts me in mind of the spy from tf2. Stay unseen until it’s time to strike, then cause enough mayhem before vanishing again. He sounds more like a disruptor than a pure assassin, and I am a-okay with that.

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I’m interested to see how the line of sight thing works. Are enemies considered to have infinite line of sight or is there some range where, even if you can see them way off in the distance, you’ll still go invisible. I’m thinking like in some Metal Gear Solid games, the mini map would show the cone area of where a soldier could “see” you.