Did IB get a stealth buff on Thursday?

I just ran the Takedown…solo…and literally spent 95% of the fight in IB.

And the crazy thing is I had ZERO points in Grizzled and Explosive punctuation and no Action skill mod or artifact boosts.

Yet…I was running IB through her entire fuel load…or shield load…NO Early exit and I was getting IB back really…and I mean REALLY fast.

And the dual explosive mini guns were just WRECKING!

Used this build, Blast Master, Kybs Worth, Big Boom Blaster, Last Stand Otto Idol and Cloning Tracker Grenade. Fun as HELL and I had NO IDEA IB was that powerful!

I tried virtually the same thing once they scaled the raid and failed miserably with IB.

Maybe I am getting a lot better…but I doubt it…


Could the cooldown be from the Topped Off bug after a respec? I always hope they did buff IB more though.

You know what…it felt so different…

I mean i only had to stay out of IB maybe 10-12 seconds before I could hop right back in.

And…I did respec before jumping into the Takedown…from a completely different jump in and out of IB build. With a Bloodletter.

Too late tonight for me but I will try again with a fresh game tomorrow.

If that is a “bug”…I want more of it…lol…

Made her mech totally viable. Not OP at all…fight was still long and hard and it took a long time…but was just fun as hell…added a totally new dimension to Moze…

Topped Off Exploit - If you Respec while you have a full shield, Topped Off will stack with each consecutive Respec. This will result in an extremely quick CDT, however take note this is an exploit and will be frowned upon when giving build advice.

From my guide here

If your cooldown was that quick, it was the bug. Restarting will fix it.

I respecced at the speck station in Sanctuary before heading to the Raid…changed from a Transformer…to a BBB…also changed the build entirely…

never changed gear during the Raid…

Would that still do it??

It happens when you respec while wearing a shield if the shield is full (why would your shield be damaged while you’re respeccing anyway…) so basically every time you respec unless you don’t have a shield equipped, or you have a rough rider on.

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What’s up, hacker? :laughing:


Oh my…so.kinda hard to avoid this…unless you prepare…

Which seems…counterproductive.

maybe this has been going on all the time for me but I always have been putting points in Grizzled and EP and had an Action Skill boost from Equipment or com or Artifact…

This time I had NADA and was getting IB back almost as quick as an in and out build…lol

Thanks for the info! Will leave my speck the way it is…and gear…and start a fresh game tomorrow and see what happens.

will report back. gotta hit the hay now…am an old guy…tired… :grinning:

@Adabiviak Yup…the 65 year old ex grunt…and now…expert hacker… (breathlessly waiting for my phone call from the President to recall me to active duty to join the new cyber warfare command) …wife says I should not hold my breath…

Good to hear from you. Hope all is well!


Most people just reset before going to do what they’re doing. I carry a rough rider a lot of the time. You can take your shield off but I have found that unreliable but to each their own. I just personally don’t like having my build deceiving.

You probably didn’t notice before. If you only respecced once it’s only double (will reduce from 40 seconds to probably around 25s or something I’m not sure never timed the exploit). If you Respec multiple times you’ll begin to notice it more.

Things really are, all things considered, thanks.

Reset, like reset their skill points and re-allocate them? Like every time? Crazy.

No, reset to main menu then start again… Really only takes 2 minutes and it’s not like you respec constantly. It’s annoying for sure, but not too hard to work around if you don’t like the exploit.

I repecked twice at the vendor…messed up with a point and payed the fee and started over…

Starting to make sense now. I bet you are totally right.

So…guys submitting runs to Moxxi’s site…kind of a mini Time Trials…are they using this exploit? I mean it seems really no different than a lot of other “exploits” . Zheitsev’s Eruption canceling. Shooting Gyrojets and swapping to a Trick Unforgiven…etc. etc.

I’m not defending it…

But I love to see all the logic behind this exploit is allowed and that exploit is not.

Kinda like moxxi banned Tediore chucking from his runs…yet that is NOT an exploit…simply end game mechanics.

And at the same time totally allows Scourge Rocket Spamming…which is even easier than chucking…and Zheitsev’s Eruption canceling.

Go figure…

What’s this? Reload canceling to repeatedly get the last ‘homing’ shots? Weird.

Look at the video the guy did for moxxi’s challenge runs. he used it exclusively and it carried him. Not easy mind you…took a lot of skill to keep it going…

Promise you that’s what it was. It’s a super easy exploit to accidentally have and unless you lurk forums you don’t normally figure it out unless you are respeccing like 10 times on a row and realize it.

Couldn’t tell ya. I’d have to watch the videos. It’s super obvious when you know about it to see if someone has it. If you run a full duration iron bear, you aren’t having iron bear ready in under 20 seconds… Unless you really spec heavy into a cooldown build but you sacrifice everything to do that. Most damage centric builds can’t get below 30 seconds cooldown, and that’s making sure your shield doesn’t get hit once.

I’m not sure on rules for that, I assume the respec bug would be caught by people judging the videos, and it wouldn’t be allowed.

There’s a difference between some exploits and others. The respec build can be fun for people that want to do it when they’re just playing single player, but there’s no denying it’s a crazy OP exploit that makes moze impossible to kill.

Yes i believe they would in most cases, although ive seen some stipulations where the recording had to start from the loading screen - which would cut out alot of other less noticable exploits


Depends who you ask… It’s very very cheesy. Just like the invincible stop gap moze build. It’s not a build. Tediore chucks aren’t a character build. Anyone can do them. They’re OP and cheesy, I don’t know if I’d necessarily call them an exploit because it’s not a bug.

Crit swapping is an exploit. Respec bug is an exploit. It’s taking advantage of an exploit in the coding to cheat at the game. I’ll make sure I say I personally don’t care what people do it’s their game. People that use exploits and pass it off in builds or time trials without telling people are a bit scummy though. Not everyone likes to cheat, and it’s a bummer when you finally beat something and find out you cheated. But again, you do what you want just make sure you don’t act like it isn’t using an exploit.

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That’s what I would assume for something like that. It completely disables the Topped Off Exploit so that’s a good idea.

Yes…there is a difference…

It’s trying to quantify that difference that always leads to …discussion…lol

I took part in the BL2 Time Trials…still have a few spots (2nd and 3rds) on the old leader boards for the various raids/bosses.

The absolute HARDEST thing to do was get everyone to agree what was “allowed” and what wasn’t.

Superb and creative runs were constantly thrown out because the individual pushed the 'grey area."

It was fun to participate though.

Sparked interest and creativity…and TOTALLY increased the knowledge base.

Just like Moxxis challenge is doing now.

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Yeah I could see that being tough to judge. Some are very obvious, some aren’t. And if you ban too many the builds are all just down to what gun parts you have and its boring.