Did It All - Last achivement I need, NOT unlocking!

So yeah, this is really REALLY annoying me. I just finished all the sidequests in Playthrough 1, yes, even Terramorphis, with a level 64 Gaige, and no achievement. None of the areas in the non-DLC areas have a side-quest left nor do they say “undiscovered”, but I didn’t get the achievement. Any ideas what I can try? I don’t want to re-play the whole game again for the 7th or so time and do EVERY single achievement… especially since that will take a hell of a longer time with a new character and I would need help for Terramorphis.

Did you do all 5 rounds in the slaughter house challenges? I had round 5 in hyperion dome lingering around, (forgot about it), and soon as I completed it the trophy popped, it was the only thing I didn’t finish with 1 play through and 1 character.

Which achievement is the one you’re missing?

Try to find all Cult of the Vault symbol in the main game.


I’ve had it happen to me where a quest was available but it didn’t show;


Your completed quests for the vanilla version should be on your completed quest list.

This guide details all of the quests. Run by all the names and check to see if you’ve checked all of them off.

If not, tell me, and we’ll go the Tech Support route.

Cult of the Vault symbols… you can check these in your badass rank challenges for each map you’ve been on (look for an incomplete line for that challenge on each map). The easiest way for me to do this is to hit the END key (to bring you straight to the bottom where the map challenges are, check them moving up. If you use the PageUP button, it will move up by exactly one map at a time.

That said (since it sounds like you’ve already checked that), there may be maps that you have not visited with these symbols that could be hanging this up. Holy Spirits? Friendship Gulag? Sanctuary Hole? Ore Chasm?

Well, I feel like an idiot. I was missing the Orc Chasm slaughterdome quest.

I knew that Fink’s and Creature Slaughterdome were DLC and they don’t count, I had forgotten that the Hyperion one was not DLC. Especially since I had a ton of the Dragon Keep missions listed as “Undiscovered” and when I saw the name Ore Chasm I assumed it was from that DLC.

(P.S. Would would Cult of the Vault have to do with it? It was “Did it All”, the achievement for doing all the sidequests I was missing, it has nothing to do with challenges)

Sorry. I was confused between Did It All and Challenge Accepted. :sweat_smile:
I unlocked Challenge Accepted right after i have discovered one of the vault symbol (the last one for me).