Did it all trophy

I’m trying to get the platinum for the handsome collection and the “did it all” trophy is one of the few I have remaining. What I’m trying to figure out is what side missions I have left, I have completed the challenge for side missions (completed 90 side missions) so I know I have completed at least 90 but I have reset my character therefore I cannot check which missions I have completed in the my missions section. Is there any way to check what I have left?

There’s a list of missions and side quests for the base game at the end of this post:

I may have missed some of the side quests - if you see anything obvious missing, let me know!

Yes, I have the list. What I’m trying to do is narrow down what missions I have yet to do so I don’t have to do all the missions over again. The problem is that I have reset my ultimate vault hunter mode so I don’t know what missions I have done and what ones I haven’t

No easy way that I know of. You can change the sort order to see what undiscovered quests have been unlocked so far, and compare this with what pops up when you scroll through the destinations in the Fast Travel menu.

What mode are you currently playing in? If you’ve already moved up to TVHM or UVHM, you could drop back down to NVHM and just blast through all the maps.

I’m pretty sure you have to finish all the side missions in one playthrough, you can’t do let’s say 3/4 of them, reset the UVHM and do the rest. It will not count for the trophy.

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That seems familiar.

That is most certainly the case. Your best bet is to take a max or high level character and just go do everything on normal mode or tvhm. Whichever you have the most done in already. Can’t reset those play throughs so as long as they aren’t ported characters, you will get it. Preferably Maya so you can breakneck banshee

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What’s the issue with ported characters? Almost all my characters are ported from my ps3 days

There’s a possibility that the system which checks for achievement completion won’t count those side quests completed before the transfer.

That said, if you have at least one side quest to complete on each map, I think it should update properly.

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I have a feeling that when I transferred to PS4 I lost some data, I have the sidejacked achievement completed but almost all the side quests incomplete. Now I know I have completed a lot of these as I remember them, this character also has about 10 days of in game play time

Your BAR stats for that character would have transferred over with the save when you imported it to the HC version of the game. Achievements don’t automatically transfer because the HC versions are treated as completely different games on both PS and XBox. The reason the side quests are not showing in your mission log is because you reset your play-through - that clears everything (all main game and DLC story missions and side quests.)

Edit: I’ll add that I unlocked this on XB1 by taking an imported character that had skipped a bunch of side quests going through TVHM, dropped back in to that mode, and just ran through all the remaining ones as fast as possible. Took me about 3 hours I think?

So since I reset the play through does this mean I have to replay every side mission to get the achievement?

If you want to do it in UVHM, yes. If you have unclaimed side quests for the base game (i.e. not including the DLC) in TVHM or NVHM, you can do it there with the same character.

I checked normal and tvhm and it seems I have the exact same quest progress in every mode, and I mean exact, every mission.

You’re looking in the “My Missions” tab of your inventory for that, right? Because the numbers in the “Challenges” tab are cumulative across all play-throughs on that specific character save. Note that you can change the sort order on your “My Missions” tab so that you can see completed missions, active missions, or all missions. (In the screen shot you posted above, you have a bunch of unclaimed by discovered side quests - the named ones in orange text - and one yet to be discovered.)

Just start by picking up every mission in sanctuary first. Then go to the first place (alphabetically) in your mission log that has active quests. Go there, do them all. Pick up any that are on that map. And just keep doing that area by area. If you do it in either normal or tvhm, you will fly through them. I would be weary of a ported character, but if VaultHunter said it worked for him then i don’t see why it wouldn’t for you.

I have probably 20 ported characters at op8 but i chose to use a character that i had leveled to 72 recently with a friend to get that trophy/achievement. It didn’t take too long and honestly i enjoyed it as i discovered a few areas i don’t ever remember having been to.

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