Did Jack defeat Lilith/Mordecai etc (The other Vault Hunters)

So I’ve been wondering… Firstly when you encounter Wilhelm Roland and Lilith tell you to bail because he defeated them, and he’s too strong etc… When did he defeat them? After you defeat him, Angel says that you have proven to be even stronger than the other vault hunters and you’re the only one who can defeat Jack, because he too defeated them earlier?

Wilhelm kicked everybody out of New Haven and burned it to the ground. The reason why you’re able to defeat him is because Jack poisoned him before the fight so you would pick up the core and install it in Sanctuary.


Aaha, okay thanks! Must have been an echo-recording I haven’t found… :slight_smile:

New Haven was shown at the end of TPS during the credits. The poisoning was discussed a while ago because when you fight him, Wilhelm mentions that something’s wrong with him. I’d have to dig up the relevant threads, but I believe that’s what happened.

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This always disappointed me a bit as it interferes with my vault hunters’ sense of how badass they are…

@vgj It was in a recording that they ultimately didn’t include. I found it on youtube at some point.

Something I’ve also found strange… why do all the NPCs say I ‘faced Jack and lived’ when according to the opening it was just a dynamite-laden dummy? Misinformation…

Aah I never noticed New Haven, but perhaps it’s because I beat BL1 after TPS so I wouldn’t recognize it… :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes I suppose you’re right… The story was never what Borderlands was about for me, but the more I play it the more interested I get in the details and depths…
Yes the “The one who faced Jack and lived” thing is actually quite strange… :stuck_out_tongue:

IIRC, there’s an unused Jack audio file in the game (accessible to PC players) that talks about this. The link may be buried on the old forums, unless it got transcribed into the wiki?

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It probably means that you’ve faced the way Jack thinks and fights. His methods.

Then again… It’s also a possibility, a very small one, that the “dummy” was indeed Jack himself. He had simply gotten fed up with Pandora, and decided to go out with a bang. Leaving one of his doubles in charge to pose as the original. Who are we to separate them? Unlikely scenario? Yeeaah, I guess! At least i tried.:acmjk:

I’ll stick with the first explanation!

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Bahaha omg that is a truly wonderful plot!

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Drunken bragging. They also claim to have dated Lilith, but I find those claims equally dubious.


Nonono… Lilith is easy! I dated her too! :laughing:

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I think you mean Moxxi. :dukejk:

Or maybe when Jack hired vault hunters of BL2 he met them in person?

I realise the thread got necro’d but here is a link with the missing audio in it!


I wish we could fight Wilhelm again after the main story line, as a Raid Boss or something like that.

Can you imagine if there’d been a Zombie Wilhelm in the Haunted Hollow headhunter pack? That would have been interesting!


I still hope for the fall of New Heaven or something like this. Where we could play as Jack VHs against the first generation or some kind of “Digistruct Peak” where the invasion is simuled against the second generation VHs.

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