Did Jack see himself die during his vault vision? Spoilers!

I would like to know if others have noticed that one clip at the beginning of his vision of him dropping dead after Lilith kills him in BL2. It is the thirdish clip in the vision he receives. Has anyone recorded the vision and slowed it down to see if it was him dying or not. I am fairly positive he saw himself die.

I really just want to know if that is him dropping to the ground in his vision. regardless of implications…

That doesn’t seem likely. He wanted to avenge his daughter and control a god, why would he send a body-double who hates him?

He had some alien thing invading his mind, then immediately got lil-con punched in the face, who knows what he really saw, or what he remembered, or how fried his brain became.

I ask you this, how many times did you see his vision before noticing that bit? Keep In mind he only got to see it once


You kill Timothy in BL2 during a story mission in Opportunity… Wait… Moxi actually said something to the tune of “kill ONE of Jack’s Body Doubles”…

So this is entirely plausible!

On a sidenote, in TFTB digi-Jack makes an appearance, indicating “The real slim shady” actually did die in BL2…
I honestly don’t recall if TFTB is supposed to be Cannon or not…

Someone should clarify this… Google for example.



Yep, TFTB is cannon…

Still not sure what it all means.

Did Nakayama or some other Hyperion scientist (by Jack’s directive) perfect the process of uploading a copy of Jack into a Digital consciousness?

I always thought, since the reapawn stations simply exist, nobody in this universe can really die, unless Hyperion (Jack) says… So he could just… You know… Respawn.

Also, unless the vault hunters never died once (second winds not withstanding) why wouldn’t Jack just deny the vault hunters the respawn?

So many unanswered questions makes my brain hurt.

Where’s my burbon?

The new-u stations have been deemed a game mechanic only meaning they aren’t cannon. As for the personality upload thing, I believe it was mentioned that the nakayama mission that they added after the game’s release indicated he was responsible for the digital jack conscience that exists in TFTB.

Yep, you end up with Nakayamas memory drive thing and Rhys uploads it into himself to try and get in contact with his friend on helios, which ends you up with a creepy ass jack in your head, not sure if everyone can see him in that scene where he shows himself, or if its only Rhys

Now it all makes sense… Thanks!

You didn’t kill Timothy in BL2. The body double was a worker with a pocket watch, Timothy had a surgery, to look like Jack, without any pocket watches.

I believe Jack would see his death, but Lilith punched him too early.
A weird thing: In BL2 we fought Jack, and only after we defeated him, he saw how the warrior came out of the lava. So no BL2 VHs, no fight against them. this whole flashback in the future also has plotholes, like almost the whole story of Borderlands.


That whole “future seeing flashback” thing is pretty damn confusing, my theory is that it is just for our sake as the viewer, while what’s actually happening in his head could just be a transfer of information (like, what the warrior is (he does say it by name) how eridium works, its connection to sirens and of course, where the vault is)


I should clarify I am really curious if that specific scene in the vision is him dropping after Lilith kills him. the part about Timmy was merely mind rambles.

@Snag_Lord the first time no, i was playing with friends and we were busy talking about the previous sentinel fight. But i wasnt jack pressing so my attention wasnt all there at first, but still a good point. I did notice the second and have been closely watching each subsequent playthru and im at 20+/-. and his comments to Athena after getting clobberknocked seemed to indicate he remembered more than we got to see.

@Jostabeere the scene in question is the third-ish flash in the series and well before the lil-con-punch

@Snag_Lord interesting thought and i liiiiike it

@ACNAero haha celebrity jepoardy is hiliarious and Connery is the best. The Pen is Mightier!

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Your sitting on a gold mine Trebeck!

I think the ‘future flashback’ was simply made up of re-used cutscenes from BL2, so that probably restricted exactly how it played out?

thats fine but is there any confirmation as to whether or not it is him dying. thats all i wanna know.

Let’s do this: Assume the real Jack is dead unless the BL3 writers decide to pull a Doctor Who.

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i am not asking if jack is really dead. i want to know if, in his vision in the vault on elpis, it depicts him dying. IDC about the implications or whatever. Just want to know if i am seeing it right or if anyone else thinks that is apart of the vision.

Several playthroughs later, I saw Jack dying in his vision, in a very quick flash.

So yeah, you’re seeing it right.

“Plotholes” and “Borderlands” are damn near synonyms :wink:

(At least it’s better than Star Wars Episodes 1 through 3 shudder )

I remember seeing Jack and Lilith fall over before he summoned the Warrior, but not him actually dying. I’ll have to watch it again sometime to be sure.