Did Kyb's scale well in M10?

I’ve been frustrating myself farming Takedown to restock my favorite weapon on M10, and you guessed it. The Kyb’s Worth which thanks to the magic of M10 I have to once again put countless hours into getting Wotan to puke them up.

Is it even “worth” it? ( Pun intended)

First of all Wotan has NOT been in a giving mood in this area as of yet and my “so far” count is a big FAT ZERO.

If he ever decides to cough one up I ask:

Are the M10 Kyb’s Worth crop an effective weapon for M10 play?

IMO it’s been the best up to M4.

But mayhaps (as Tina would say) the good people of Gearbox have let this weapon fall in way of neglect for the new M10 update.

Oh yeah… if they do still “RULE” and you have any for Xbox that you would like to help me out with I would be thankful and maybe I could get around to feeding my dog.

Sadly, the Kaoson is a far more effective and more easily obtained option. It largely outclasses the Kyb’s Worth in most areas asides from being able to switch elements or spawning the healing circle. That and the fact that you can reliably crit with the Kaoson doesn’t help the Kyb’s cause.

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Finally got one to drop.

2220x2 Rad/Shock with ASE 125 Splash

Will farm Kaosons now. Thanks for the tip.

Can they come with 160 splash for Moze?

They can’t come with splash anoints, but the 300% while >90% anoint, consecutive hits anoint, or 125% fire mag does well on them. The initial shot (which is as strong as both projectiles from the Kyb’s) and the sticky both get boosted by splash as well.