Did most recent update, half of my inventory is gone

After seeing the Borderlands 3 trailer I decided I needed to dust off my controller and fire up Borderlands 2. Before doing so I was asked to do an update on both it and Borderlands the Pre-Sequel. Once the update finished I loaded my game up and started to familiarize myself with the controller configuration. When I opened my inventory I noticed that the pistol, armor, and grenade I had equiped (and they had been equiped for some time), were missing. I desperately searched everything and have been unable to locate them. Please help.

Xbox GT: Knight27
Level 19 Gunzerker
Current mission Bright Lights, Flying City

You will need to file a support ticket for help. Having said that, since Gearbox cannot access your save files, they will not be able to restore any missing gear items. Before you file the report, I’d recommend you also check your heads, skins, and any golden keys you might have had - if equipped items have disappeared, there’s a chance other things did to.

Thanks for the info! It was worth a try, but definitely not the end of the world.