Did moze get nerfed today?

Keep hearing how this new hot fix secretly nerfed Mozes grenade shield charging ? Specifically that hex tentacles no longer count as splash damage or normal damage and just DOT so no longer proc any of her shields and grenade regen ?

Is this true ? Didnt GBx promise no more major nerfs ? If true this truly does the Deathless Vampyre build for moze completely worthless since her class mod recently added nerf to shield recharge and delay rates too so you HAVE to manually recharge shields with grenades or health pickups

What’s going on ?


Apparently the latest xbox update that no longer counts the tesla effect to work with Moze. I’m on PC so I don’t know how it works, exactly.

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It’s not confirmed to be a nerf yet. GB devs are looking into it.

But they did say the infinite grenade strategy was something they were looking at, so you should still expect something to be done about that.

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Im hardly getting hex’s back. Yay keep nerfing fun in a solo game!


Yes this has changed I have 16 nades on moze running reoccurring hex an went to 0 after patch. I’m on xbox an got patch last night an it was definitely noticed.


Seems like there is only the Hex in the game. Hm


Not a moze main, but I believe the main concern with the change is that those grenades also don’t proc vampyr or pull the holy pin anymore. And I think vampyr is moze’s only real healing skill. Not to say it doesn’t work anymore for healing, but the reason the storm front/quasar/hex synergized so well for moze was the ability to heal more reliably when things get heavy.


How is this a little thing though ?

They changed Mozes class mod to add recharge rate and delay with the intent that if you use that class mod where healing recharges shield and not health , you will have to manually recharge shields some other way .

For Moze Deatheless build , that means either using grenades (via Vampyre skill) or health pickups. Realistically, it’s the former 99.9% of the time.

If they nerfed THAT, how else are you supposed to recharge your shields with doubled recharge delay and halfed recharge rate added to the class mod?

So no it’s not a "small thing " in the slightest .


Aside from possible nerfs, the whole thing with iron bear and almost pointless anointed gear makes me want to start playing another vault hunter… Oh wait, I did… And tomorrow will be outer worlds time anyways, so I guess bl3 covered its cost for tidying me over.


Moze was murdered by haters and will truly be missed. Someone must be held accountable for this travesty and her death must be avenged.


Okay, so initial testing, Lectra city. MoD seems busted. None of my splash damage from ANY source are giving me ammo or grenades, not just tesla. You’d expect a full auto westergun against a tink tank would at least give something back.

Will test some more. So far, my grenade recovery is only from enemy pickups.

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On PC the electric arcs of electricity still crit, though it doesn’t seem to be quite as much. And it’s definitely not proccing Means of Destruction anymore. Heals only come from the initial grenade blast.

Guess they really don’t want Moze to survive. Give her one good sustainability skill and then nerf it into the ground.

Looks like it’s time to break out my Epicenter with my BM/DW Blast Master Moze. At least it’ll do massive damage and my Ogre can keep me regenerating grenades, which still work. Of course, I can’t do crap against flying enemies now. Oh well… time to level Amara.

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I’ve tried rockets, westergun, trevonator… none trigger MoD for me. Nades still crit, though, that’s true.

Gonna have to resort to generic survival, transformer + shock, bbb pickups. Not really moze specific survivability, for now. Gonna test out some more things.

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That’s weird. As I said, my Ogre was regenerating grenades fine with it’s splash damage.

I just find it annoying that they’re like “we want to have multiple viable builds” in the patch notes and then basically destroy every possible build except for an SoR build. Just hope it’s a bug with elemental dots or something.


Interesting, I’ll try the Ogre, then. The maliwan splash aren’t doing anything for me. Are you sure it wasn’t mob pickups?

To be fair, the Blast Master build still works. I tested pre-update with a purple grenade with mirvs and mini-mirvs and while the healing was nowhere near as reliable as it was (so you have to depend a bit on second winds), the damage was very good compared to the hex. It’s viability should depend on what grenades you’re able to find.

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None of them are enough to recharge her shields in M3 battles though. They should buff other grenades to Hex not nerf hex .

Its not like there’s a ton of legendary grenades anyways. Have an intern take a day and buff the other ones


Have you used the Quasar or Stormfront?

Yeah, I’ll have to find something with homing on it. Right now, flyers are destroying me more than anything. :\ Epicenter is fine for everything else.

I did but before all the nerfs . They recharge her shields ok ?